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Samantha Hand's Biography

No description

samantha Hand

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Samantha Hand's Biography

Autobiography Self Image My name is Samantha Hand. I am 12 years old
and i am a girl. I am 5'2" and i weigh 85 lbs.
My hair color is dirtyblonde, the texture is soft,
and my style is short and layered.
My eyes are hazel, my skin color is tan. A Typical Day In My Life... In the morning i wake up and get dressed and fix my hair. I eat breakfast and pack up my backpack. Then i get on the bus around 7:20 AM
and then go into the school at 7:30 AM. HR: Mr.Madonna
P2: Spanish/Social Studies
P3: Science
P4: Reading
P5: Lunch
P6: Language Arts
P7: Math Then I get on the bus and go home and do my homework. Then i eat dinner, after that
i will probably watch TV or
go on the computer. And then my day comes to
an end, i go to sleep. My Imaginary Friend Her name was Danielle, Danny for short. she had Blonde hair, green eyes, and loved to watch movies with me. i wrote to her in a journal instead of talking to her. My Family ME!!----> My Friends and Neighbors... Another friend is a girl named Andrea. i have known her since last year and we text and talk alot, especially at lunch. I am friends with girl named madison.
We have been friends since last year and we always
go to her beach club during the summer, and we went
on a 4th of July boat with her this past summer. We both
love to draw and we both love art. The Future... Five years from now: Searching for Colleges, Driving! Lexus RX-350 is the car that i want!!:))) Twenty years from now: Married for a couple of years, and working... Thirty five years from now: I will still be working as a doctor Fifty years from now: Living at my house and retired in Orlando FL. WANTED... AN IDEAL JOB Rules for Living... Rule No1. You must go through life with a positive attitude even when things don't the way you plan. Rule No2. If someone bothers you just ignore them. Rule No3. Treat People how you want to be treated. Obituary Samantha Hand died October 24th, 2111. She lived a long healthy life and died of natural causes. Samantha was living in Orlando FL. at the time and lived in Tinton Falls NJ, & Nassua Bahamas before she moved to Orlando. Sam was an amazing Doctor before she retired. Samantha's younger sister, sydney was still alive, aswell as her twin daughters when samantha's death occured. Samantha Hand wishes to be buried in the same cemetery her family is buried in. an ideal job for me is
being a veterinarion,
or some kind of Doctor. My hair color is Dirty Blonde! Alley is another one of my friends. we went to six flags together and we love Bizarro. I also know her from Girl Scouts. My Mom is Greek My Dad is Italian Im in school until 2:30 PM
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