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Policies & Procedures session 12

No description

Melanie Black

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of Policies & Procedures session 12

Policies & Procedures
An employee can make a formal grievance complaint after trying to solve a problem by talking to a manager, but not being satisfied.

Employers should put their grievance procedure in writing.

Employees should be able to find this in their company handbook, human resources (HR) or personnel manual,
HR intranet site, employment contract
Why are grievance procedures important?
On the post it notes provided write down your ideas on why
these procedures are important

Why should employees be protected at work?

If you were experiencing what the people in the videos were experiencing what would you do about it?

Write a summary of the class in 4 lines

What was the class about?

What did you learn?

What was the one thing that surprised you?
What is a grievance procedure?
Some of you thought this was something to do with death

Sometimes the word grievance is to do with death, but in this context.......

Starter Activity
Define what a policy and a procedure is
Discuss what work equal opportunities are
Examine what a grievance procedure is Identify why bullying and harassment at work needs addressing
To understand the policies and procedures within public services
Define the following words:
Grievance Procedure
What is a policy?
"A course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an organisation or individual"
Oxford English Dictionary
A policy is something written by an organisation that forms part of an employees contract of employment
What is a procedure?
"An established or official way of doing something"
Oxford English Dictionary
Can you think of a public service example independently?
Why does bullying and harassment at work need addressing?
Independently write down two reasons why this needs to happen
In a public service context why might this be an issue if it is not addressed?
Will people feel able to approach public services if they have a disability or are from ethnic minorities if they feel that bullying and harassment happens in the workplace?
Equal Opportunities Policies
An equal opportunities policy simply sets down how an organisation is going
to make sure they are open and accessible.
They are important because:
• Individuals, groups and communities in this country face discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
• Organisations can ignore or discriminate against particular minority or disadvantaged groups, quite unintentionally.
• Organisations need to comply with the Equality Act 2010.
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