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Greek Gods And Goddeses

No description

Teagan Keller

on 9 February 2017

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Transcript of Greek Gods And Goddeses

Although Zeus only lived with his kids that would become gods and goddeses.He still had mortal children that lived on Earth.
Zeus was the leader of all the gods. You could say he was their king.Zeus had a total of 92 children mortal and divine.Zeus's siblings are Hades,Phoisiden,Demeter,Hera and Hestia.Zeus's main symbol was a thunder bolt.Zeus later in life married his sister Hera.Zeus lived on Mount Olympus but with only lived with his wife Hera and only his children that would become gods and goddeses.Their were 15 total children of Zeus's chidren that would become gods and goddeses.
Hera never ment to hurt anybody.
Hera was the goddes of marrige.Hera was married to Zeus.Hera had 3 chidren Ares,Hephaestus,and Eris.Hera enjoyed turning into birds.Hera hated one of Zeus's sons his name was Hercules.Hera always sent snakes to atack hercules when he was an infaant.But,Hera never hurt Hercules just terrofied him.Hera also was the queen of heaven.
Unlike the other greek gods and goddeses Hades did not live on mount Olympus,he did not because, he did not like sunshine their.
Hades was the god of the underworld.He usally wore a black robe.His thrown was made up of bones.Hades married Persophone.Persophone did not like Hades but when Hades kidnapped her she was forced to marry him.His roman name is Pluto.Hades brothers are
Although His brothers are good Hades turned against them and his parents.Hades also had a 3 headed dog named Cerberus.Most of Hades life he lived alone with his dog.People think thats why he is so mad all the time.
Phoseiden used to make big waves or hurricanes and used them to destroy cities.
Poseiden was the king of thocean and water.His symbol was a three pointed trident.Poseidens roman name was neptune.Poseiden had 3 children.His wife was Amphertrite.Amphertrite was the 100th daughter to another pair of greeh gods snd goddeses.poseiden liked to make horses out of sea foam.But on his bad days he liked to destroy cities.
Greek Gods And Goddeses
By:Teagan Keller
Athena was very pretty but refused to marry anyone.
Artimes loved hanging out in the wild.
Artemis was the goddess of hunt and wilderness including wild animals.She always was seen on Mount Olympus carrying a bow and arrow and walking with her deer.She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto.Artemis also had a twin brother named Apollo.Artemis's main symbols were the golden bow and arrow and the moon.Once animals were tamed by Artemis they were under her protection and comanned.Artemis also rejected marrige.She once fell in love with one of her hunting partners but later he died my a scorpian attack.Ever since Artemis refused to ever love again.
Once the battle feilds weree clared she usally celebrated with the winner.
Nike is the goddes of victory.Her Roman name is Victoria.Nike has 2 angel like wings and rides a chariot.Her alternitive name is Winged Goddess.Soilders would often see her flying above battles.One of Nike's sisters are Athena.Nike has no kids or a husband.Shewas pretty lonley when she grew up she kept to her self.
Athena was the goddess of war .Her symbol was a owl.She was the daughter of Zeus and also was the most favorite child.Athena invented the flute in Olympus but it did not exist on Earth yet.Even though she invented the flute she never played it.Athena did not have a mother that wa a goddess her birth mother was a nymph.But Zeus the father of Athena swallowed Athenas mother before Athena was born.He did this to prevent Athena from becoming a nymph aso.No one really knows how Athena survived.Athena once tryed to kill Madusa but failed even though she didnt turn into stone.But,even though Athena sounds sweet she tough on the inside and u never want to get her mad at you.
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