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Football Friction Physics

No description

Sean Rutherford

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Football Friction Physics

Information about Friction conflicted in Football! When you tackle somebody in football and you go sliding against the ground friction is what slows you down so you don't keep going and never stop according to Newtons First Law. Another idea is that, when you're running for a touchdown then you come to a stop friction is help slow you down. When we look at the positions of the backs, both offensive and defensive, we see that they typically line up away from the line of scrimmage on either side of the offensive and defensive linemen. Their positioning allows them room, or time, to accelerate from a state of rest and reach a high speed, to either run with the ball or pursue the ball carrier. Notice that the linebackers have far more room to accelerate than the linemen, and the wide receivers have far more room than the linebackers. So linebackers can reach higher speeds than linemen, and wide receivers can reach the highest speeds of all. HOW IT EFFECTS FOOTBALL The effects of friction can be found in several areas of football. When the quarterback throws a pass, there's friction between his fingertips and the ball, helping to impart spin to the football in the air. Runners need a good grip between their shoes and the surface of the playing field, and other than gravity, friction provides the good footing they need. There is a small amount of friction between opposing players during blocking and such. Attempts to diminish the friction by applying say vaseline, to your jersey would be viewed with disfavor by the local officials.

Football with Newtons Third Law A force is a push or a pull upon an object that results from its interaction with another object. Inertia and Mass in football Inertia is a mass's resistance to changes in its momentum. Objects that have greater mass have greater inertia, so they are more difficult to move when they are at rest and more difficult to stop when they are moving.

ie a bigger, heavier player is harder to stop when running, and harder to move then when still then a smaller player! FOOTBALL! FRICTION! http://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/football/newtonthirdlaw.jsp How does Newtons Third Law Relate to football? Well once the ball is spiked the offensive lines and the defensive lines of the two teams collide with one another each pushing on each other and being pushed on by equal and opposite forces.

A body in motion tends to remain in motion, a body at rest tends to remain at rest. So the receiver or running back is running down the field with the ball. He is in motion until another force acts upon him, like when the safety runs up and totally ruins him.
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