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SAP Better Run World

Approved Public Version

SAP Prezi

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of SAP Better Run World

We’re living in a world of change. 1 Billion people engaged in social networks Fact:
More than 1 billion people are actively engaged in social networks. Implication:
Collectively, people have the power to make or break brands instantly. 15 Billion connected devices by 2013 Fact:
More data has been created in the last five years than in the entire history of mankind. Fact:
By 2013, more than 15 billion devices could be capable of connecting to the internet, from cars to washing machines, to the clothes we wear. SAP analytics solutions accelerated by in-memory computing are enabling people to make better informed decisions, even faster. Our affordable, packaged solutions are equipping entrepreneurs to power global growth again. Global middle class growing from 2B to 5B by 2030 More data in last 5 years than entire history of mankind Business and personal lives have been blurred More mobile devices than people Implication:
Businesses can fundamentally transform themselves by using these connections to their advantage. Implication:
Unlocking the secrets inside this data presents breakthrough opportunities for businesses. Fact:
An emerging global middle class, increasing from 2 to 5 Billion by 2030, will strain the world's diminishing resources. Implication:
Businesses will require new strategies for resource optimization, innovation and growth. Fact:
The lines between our personal lives and our business lives have blurred. Implication:
The way businesses must sell to consumers has changed. Fact:
There are now more mobile devices on Earth than there are people. Implication:
A business can now exponentially expand its reach in a flash. The collective result of these trends is an unprecedented empowerment of people – as consumers, as employees, as citizens and as societies. At the Global Level
We're helping customers optimize resources and protect the environment. SAP is helping government agencies in diverse countries accomplish more for citizens. Our innovations even help people around the world gain access to clean drinking water, nutritious food, educational opportunities, and life-saving healthcare. At the Business Level
We're helping companies stay ahead of change and innovate for growth. At the Personal Level
We're inspiring people to be their best and connect with companies so they can have a greater voice. Already, SAP solutions touch hundreds of millions of lives every day, through people-centric interfaces and mobile applications. By 2015, that number will reach 1 billion. Our vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Our mission is to help organizations become best-run businesses. We believe that teamwork, integrity, accountability, professionalism and trust lead to success. Every day, SAP helps our customers deliver safe and compliant products to over 800 million consumers. SAP helps consumer product companies track and manage product quality throughout production and distribution, ensuring they can consistently meet or exceed quality measures and product safety regulations. Leading companies like Kimberly-Clark and other personal care product providers are focused on delivering safe and reliable products that consumers all over the world rely on daily. In a better run world, every product I use in my house is safe and reliable. “ ” SAP helps millions of people gain access to secure banking through secure mobile technology. SAP helps relief agencies deliver aid to over 25 million people annually in times of disaster. 1 million people SAP touches the lives of 1 million people like Fatima every year. hundreds of millions of bills SAP helps utility companies better manage hundreds of millions of bills per month. SAP helps DRI manage all its operations efficiently and precisely – with complete transparency across its global supply chain – so it can swiftly deliver aid worldwide. Every year, Direct Relief International provides life-saving aid to over 25 million people in 70 countries. SAP helps utility companies like Centrica with billing and analysis software that gives them quicker insight through collecting, and analyzing, large amounts of smart meter data. Leading utility companies like Centrica use Smart Meter technology to improve consumers’ energy efficiency and drive long-term sustainability. SAP connected Fatima and 3,000 other women in Ghana to the world’s shea nut supply chain. This group of women saw their income increase by more than 60% in 6 months. In a better run world, I make enough money to send my kids to school. “ ” In a better run world, I get humanitarian aid and assistance quickly. ” In a better run world, I have a secure place to keep my money even if I’m hundreds of miles from a banking facility. “ ” Standard Bank focuses on direct outreach programs in South Africa to bring secure banking access to millions of people wherever they live. Leveraging innovative mobile capabilities, Standard Bank brings banking to where the people are. SAP helps companies like Standard Bank with banking and mobile solutions to extend their reach from traditional branches to millions of people who never had access before. In a better run world, my utility companies help me use less energy. ” “ A better run world powered by innovations from SAP is already taking shape. With SAP Mobile solutions, you can deliver secure, real-time, business-critical information to your employees, partners and customers anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device. SAP combines the power of in-memory computing and database technologies to solve big data challenges, offering a complete platform for real-time business. SAP helps you exploit the game-changing power of transactional data, as well as social, mobile, and analytics by delivering B2B, social collaboration, and people-centric applications on a consistent architecture. Increase your agility and gain real-time insights by processing massive amounts of data and delivering information at unprecedented speeds – up to 10,000 times faster than before. SAP delivers a revolutionary platform for real-time business, disrupting traditional database technology, simplifying and collapsing complex and expensive IT architectures, and enabling customers to imagine new ways of doing business. Our innovations are designed for a better run world. Database & Cloud Analytics Mobile Applications Powered by SAP HANA We're extending our leadership in We're broadening our footprint in We're expanding our reach through We're becoming growth leaders in We're accelerating business with
SAP HANA™ In-Memory Database. We're becoming profitable leaders in the Sustainability applications For the planet For 24 industries For consumers For millions of SMEs For 11 lines of business For large & small businesses Consumer applications Solutions designed to help the world run better. Join us in this
world-changing journey. A winning combination of customers, partners and employees. By working together, we can help your company run better and we can improve the lives of millions of people around the world. Headcount by function:
Services & Support: 40%
Development: 30%
Sales & Marketing: 20%
Administration: 10% Headcount by region:
EMEA: 50%
Americas: 30%
APJ: 20% We measure retention rather than turnover. Results of SAP’s Employee Survey 2011 83% of employees believe in the values of SAP 80% of employees recommend SAP as a great place to work 89% of employees believe in SAP’s products and services 88% of employees are proud to work for SAP Specialized Solutions
38 Solution Partners We're moving the needle further with our partners. Our record speaks for itself. Technology Co-Innovation
31 Technology Partners Sales and Services
2,900+ Channel Partners Deployment Services
1,700 Services Partners Innovation driven by diversity of thought is critical to our business.

Companies that leverage their diversity and maximize the value of heterogeneous teams produce better business results and higher customer satisfaction.

Attracting the most diverse talent guarantees the pipeline for the future. We believe today’s diversity drives tomorrow’s innovation. +110bps* Operating Margin +17%* SSRS Revenue +25%* Software Revenue * Full year 2011 numbers, based on non-IFRS, at constant currencies Exceed €20 billion of total revenue
Reach 35% non-IFRS operating margin
Reach 1 billion people
Build a €2 billion Cloud business
Become the fastest growing database company Imagine a world of change powered by a company with a higher Purpose of improving the lives of People technology Innovations delivered as Solutions for every industry and Ecosystem passionately pursue a better run world. and share our vision of Results. Join us For large & small businesses SAP Business Suite is the leading business process platform that helps companies run better and simpler every day. Create breakthrough value for your business by taking advantage of our continuous innovations – without disruptive upgrades – with a simpler, intuitive interface that increases productivity. With SAP’s best-in-class analytics solutions, you can deliver real-time knowledge of your business, via compelling and interactive visuals, to the right people, at the right time on any device. Empower your business users to make the right decisions with role-based analytics, self-service information, data warehousing, information management, and performance management, while proactively preventing risk events and compliance violations. Unwire your business with a development platform that drives mobile initiatives, a store for mobile apps designed for specific industries, lines of business and consumers, and apps that put real-time analytics in the hands of executives – all while ensuring your data remains safe and secure. Technology Simplify your IT landscape and shift cost away from low value infrastructure to high value innovation with our comprehensive database and data warehouse solutions, including enterprise information management (EIM), platform, middleware and cloud, and content and portals. Leverage the power of SAP's innovations in human capital management, financials, sales, service, marketing and procurement. Seamlessly integrate partner applications, manage operational execution and virtualize your on-premise environments. of employees, partners and customers who Empowered and collaborative employees are our foundation. *as of June 30, 2012 60,900 Number of employees*: 60,900 93% Retention Rate We're winning in 5 market categories. 40 years of innovation and we're just getting started. Take advantage of industry-specific knowledge, best practices and processes to run your core business better and expand when opportunities arise. SAP’s line of business solutions enable collaboration and improve decision-making throughout your business network. With a single platform and leading
services, these
are delivered to
you on premise,
on demand, and on device. Our solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) give you the business management, business intelligence (BI), and mobility capabilities you need to strengthen your competitive edge. For 24 Industries For 11 Lines
of Business For Millions of SMEs Deliver innovative applications for end users and consumers. We serve our customers better by helping them serve their customers better. With the ability to access cloud and on-premise applications via mobile devices, end users can consume critical information like never before. For Consumers • Facilitate transparency
• Collect real-time data
• Improve safety
• Manage risks
• Streamline compliance
• Monitor energy use
• Support regulatory
requirements SAP delivers a complete set of sustainability solutions for large and small businesses. For the Planet Our solutions help you run like never before. As strategic enablers to the world's economy for over 40 years, we are uniquely positioned to help create a better run world. Our solutions have the potential to improve the lives of people everywhere. We're on track by 2015 to: Why SAP Is a Better Choice?
Strong position as an industry leader and innovator
Breakthrough innovation without disruption
Reinvention of the cloud and database markets
Local and global services and support
Co-innovation with customers and partners We practice what we preach. To create lasting change, in 2011 we invested €16.1 million in social projects and communities around the world. Community
2+ Million Community Members 200,000 customers across all industries are transforming their businesses with SAP. 63% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. Our customers represent 79% of Global Fortune 500 companies. 79% of our customers are small to midsize businesses using SAP software to solve business problems. Align processes, gain efficiencies, and share information more easily. Fuel growth, cut costs and enhance performance. Imagine a better run world where technology innovations have the potential to improve the lives of people everywhere. “ Benefit from SAP's deep experience in 24 different industries. A world fueled by a global through line of business...
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