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Graduation Proposal

Voodoolized - an interactive movie

hazar c****

on 23 February 2010

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Transcript of Graduation Proposal

Instructors: Gökhan MURA, Ali KARATAY Voodoolized - An interactive movie Project by Hazar Çetin Project Description Interactive camera angles or cuts. Expectations of target audiences A new way of storytelling. Project Overview User influences and reactions. Users may change the observation points. Non-modifiable time line. Create own exprience for every individual. Combining our education in a single work. Production Phase Graphical elements. Video footage. Shootingboard and storyboard. Musical elements. Possible tools and sowtware Adobe Photoshop & Illusturaitor Adobe Flash Adobe After Effects & Premiere Voodoo dolls. Outcomes of Project A new cinema techniqe A movie composed by refered techniqe Uploaded website for world wide users. Project blog for following the progress. Advertisement campaign. *Possible to adopt in a touchpad device. Kino - Automat Fahrenheit Voodoo Doll Conceptual menu design Voodoolized - An interactive movie Project by Hazar Çetin This is a new approach to the modern cinema. But the concept has been tryed in Russian cinema history. Thank you for your patiance.
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