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Sedentary Lifestyle

What Sedentary means and what it represents for people that suffer or chose to encourage the lifestyle.

Ryan Skaggs

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Sedentary Lifestyle

Being Sedentary is Even More Problematic for the Younger Generation In a 2008 study 90% of kids 9-11 years old exercised an hour a day and those numbers declined to 30% just at age 15! Is Being Sedentary a Bad Thing? Yes, being sedentary is one of the leading causes of "preventable death." Being Sedentary is Living a Non-Active Lifestyle The term is typically synonymous with"Couch Potato" In Conclusion! What Should One Take From This? Living sedentary is not always optional, but many suffer from health, physical, and even social problems from a sedentary lifestyle. There are a plethora of ways and options available for one to be healthy and help ones self from suffering issues such as obesity, health care denial, and stress in one's life. Is it Possible to Live a Healthy Sedentary Life? Yes! ... and no. The primary way to prevent complications for your weight, health, and energy is diet. What exactly is the sedentary lifestyle,
and how it can affect you? Sedentary Lifestyle Sedentary activities fit within the spectrum of low physical exertion such as watching television, playing video games, and using the computer for long hours at a time Many Notable Complications Entail Anxiety Cardiovascular Disease Increased Mortality Rate Diabetes High Blood Pressure Cancer Risks Obesity In 2008 a study showed that 36% of adults in the U.S. were considered inactive Many believe that with advancing technologies, social acceptance for the sedentary lifestyle, and less effort required to have fun are some of the major causes of an increased trend of children in this entertainment era adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Especially for those whom are disabled or have complications? A balanced diet consisting of fruits, legumes, and healthy carbs are key to staying healthy and in good standing However, eating healthy will only satisfy certain aspects of living healthily. Many cardiovascular issues cannot be avoided without physical activity. Eating healthy aids in the prevention of obesity, diabetes, and reaching a "slump" or crashing. So, is There Any TRUE Reason to be Sedentary? NO! No! In order to escape the "Sedentary" label, all you have to is participate in moderate activity for 30 minutes a day to escape a vast majority of the health problems associated with sedentary preventable causes of death. But don't limit yourself to just 30 min! the more the better! Preventable death is a term used to name issues and death causes that are easily overcome and are a non-issue for those who participate in the recommended amount of daily activity. Live Well! Thank you for your time and We hope you enjoyed our presentation!
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