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Two-Step Word Problems

No description

Molly McGuire

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Two-Step Word Problems

Two - Step
Word Problems Judy bought popcorn for $2.99 and a coke for $3.89, including tax. She paid with a ten-dollar bill. How much change did she get back? Jason had $10.00 and bought a baseball for $4.75. Does he have enough left to buy 15 packages of baseball cards that cost $.35 each? Fred bought six tennis balls for $5.52. In another store he saw the same tennis balls selling for $1.05 each. How much less did he pay for the tennis balls? Roger rode his bike 36 miles in April, 25 miles in May, and 59 miles in June. His sister rode 45 miles each month. How many miles did Roger ride altogether?
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