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Questioning Techniques from Mark McLeod

Techniques and descriptions

Crystal Jenkins

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Questioning Techniques from Mark McLeod

Ideas by Mark McLeod Questioning Techniques Ask- Pause- Call Ask the question
Wait for think time
Randomly call on a student Volunteers Bad Sampling Choral Response Have a signal * Life long educator:
Teacher, Coach, Administrator
* Knowing the Whole Person:
Husband, church member, educator
* Enthusiastic:
attention getters, door prizes Value of Success- work the room looking for a
a struggling student who has the right answer Explain that all students will not be called on Least dominate technique Ask "What if you did know, what would it be.... Engagement Then Probe Allow f0r think time Signal response Singal Responses Active participation Immediate Feedback Examples: Thumbs up and down,
white boards, sign language, clickers
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