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Who I Am: Angela Cox, Project Manager & Business Analyst

Prezi + Resume = Prezume

angela cox

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of Who I Am: Angela Cox, Project Manager & Business Analyst

Angela Cox
Project Manager & Business Analyst
I'm a serial idealist and chronic visionary.
I'm passionate about my work...
This is my visual resume.
A paper resume tells you what I've accomplished.
A visual resume tells you
And then moved here when I was a kid.
I was born here.
...and I
a challenge.
This plaque hangs on my wall, and pretty much sums up my outlook on life:
There are basically two kinds of people out there:
The ones who figure it out...
...and the ones who let someone else figure it out.
I like to figure it out.
Solve the problem.
Find a way.
Make it work.
And I've had some really good opportunities to figure things out...
Currently, I am working as a Program Manager for
...a division of
I help create industry standards.
I make ecommerce happen.
I've worked as a contract
IT Project Manager
with several Fortune 10, Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 clients such as:
I manage innovative technology projects
that raise the bar across the globe.
I make ecommerce happen.
I've served as an
eCommerce Project Manger
eBusiness Analyst
for the US automaker
I create innovative technology solutions that fix old-school legacy problems.
I make ecommerce happen.
I guess an old dog
learn new tricks.
I've worked in the trenches as a
Logistics & Supply Chain Consultant
managing networks across the globe:
Whether I'm moving terabytes of data or truckloads of parts, I create supply chains that make sense.
My formal education:
Bachelor of Science: Business Administration
Master of Science:
Information Technology
Anticipated Graduation 12/2014
What I use to get the job done:
What I'm good at:
-Understanding the technical realities of complex business problems.
-Helping people work together for a common goal.
-Finding common-sense solutions that work.
What I like:
(hiking to waterfalls)
mountain biking
running 5ks
raspberry pi
raspberry pie
(yes, both kinds)
(I ran 6 last year)
(btw, I'm tone deaf)
big data
byte-size data
(really, any data)
my dog, Sam
(hence, the running)
...and I'm looking for a new adventure.
We're living in the digital revolution.
Dreams are becoming reality on a daily basis.
Let's get connected:
Mobile: 810.683.4362
Email: angela_cox@live.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/angelalcox/
Skype: AngelaCox313
Twitter: @angelacoxx
This Prezume: http://tinyurl.com/lnwoqs8
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