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Why is personal reflection important and necessary in leader

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Tracy Tenywa

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Why is personal reflection important and necessary in leader

Why is personal reflection important ?
Without personal reflection, you cannot understand your strengths and weaknesses
It allows you to be open to new ideas
It allows you to understand other people
Through self reflection we change how we see ourselves and how others see us

How can we self-reflect?
Ask yourself questions that challenge your assumptions
What is personal reflection?
Careful thought about your own behavior and beliefs
Meditation or serious thought about one's character, actions and motives.

Great leaders know themselves before they lead
They know where to focus their attention, emotions and behavior

Why is personal reflection important and necessary in leadership?
What is personal reflection to me?
Knowing and understanding your personal values
It strengthens your self awareness

Advantages of Personal Reflection
For example:
How effectively am i performing?
What are my strengths?
Which areas need improvement?
How can i improve those areas?
What else can i do?
What do i need to do now?
How will i know i have made improvements?

Increased self confidence
A sense of self control
You work with passion rather than "completing duties"
Evaluating yourself, fixing and learning from your mistakes
By: Tracy Tenywa
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