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Pegasus Community Project

No description

Mackenzie Tennant

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Pegasus Community Project

Pegasus Community Project
Mackenzie Tennant
How do they help?
*Offer day activities including social, educational, and physical activities to support each individual adult
How can you help
*Volunteering for this organization

*Spend time hanging out with them and helping with activities

*Donating to the Pennies for Pegasus fund

*This goes towards further research and funds for activities and jobs etc.
Why I chose This
*Ever since I was little I have had a passion and connection with this organization

*I used to spend all my time at my community center making friends and spending time with these adults

*I made a very good friend named Jill, who made me passionate about this, sadly she passed away a couple years ago
The Beaches Recreation Centre- 6 Williamson Road
Who are they?
Organization that deals with adults with special needs and developemental disabilities
Pegasus Community Project
This includes Autism Spectrum Disorder, Mobility Challenges, Medical Issues and Emotional Isssues
They don't always have the support or oppertunity they need, to grow and recognize their potential
With proper support they will learn new skills and learn to live their life to the best of your ability
They believe they should have a chance to show their capabilities without being judged, but unfortunateley, that is not the case for these adults
*Social Coaching for emotional growth
*Opportunities for work in the community, mostly at the Pegasus thrift store
*Held in Local Community Centres
*This organization has led to many opportunities for other real jobs for these adults
*Helps them grow and learn to live with their disability
Matty Eckler Community Centre- 953 Gerrard Street East
S.H Armstrong Community Centre- 56 Woodfeild Road
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