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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

An overview of unorthodox medicine including chiropractic, acupuncture, spiritual healing, and folk medicine.

Matt Dillon

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Double click anywhere & add an idea Complementary and Alternative Medicine Why do you think that people go to an alternative healer? What do you think of when your hear the terms "complementary" or "alternative medicine? Most common forms of alterntive medicine herbal therapy
vitamin therapy
naturopathy Most common reasons to see an alternative healer: back problems
strains headache
high blood pressire
digestive problems
despression Why do people seek out alternative medicine? Case Study: The ability of teens to choose a CAM What is CAM? Five core elements:
The interpenetration of mind body and spirit
The healing process Dual Model Care Many people use alternative and conventional medicine together Mainstream CAM practices Who uses alternative medicine? Chiropractic Acupuncture Spiritual Healing Folk Medicine Case Study: Alternative Medicine in the Netherlands Reiki Crisitian Science p. 227 Weiss
"In fact, Goldner (1999) argues that one of the reasons that so many patients choose a CAM technique is precisely because they feel alienated from the impersonality of conventional medicine , and they prefer a more holisitic approach." What do you guys think, can you relate to this? What do you think about the regulations of alternative medical doctors? Case Study: Legalizing Medical Marijuana? Where do people stand? p 231 p 243 p 228 2002 National Health Survey found the 36% of adults in US use some form of CAM Common amoungst men and women, blacks and whites, people of all ages, people of all education levels All socioeconomic groups Medical treatment must be considered within the context of the relationship
between the practicioner and patient Emphasizes diagnosis,
treatment and prevention
of mechanical disorders
of the muskuloskeletal
system Focuses on:
Homeostasis Traditional medicine,
folk knowledge,
spiritual beliefs,
or newly conceive
approaches to healing Folk understandings
of disease and illness are
typically interwoven into
the beliefs and practices
of cultural groups
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