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Pavan and Jonathan's Prezi

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lib hist

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of Pavan and Jonathan's Prezi

Explanation of Characteristics
What the soldier did to earn the Medal of Honor and an explanation of the characteristics that they showed, like Honor, Courage, Valor, Citizenship, Sacrifice, and Patriotism.
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All About the Medal of Honor
Audie Murphy
Audie Murphy was courageous during WW2, mainly when he helped liberate France from the Germans. He especially showed courage, valor, and sacrifice when he was holding down an entire defensive line against German infantry, tanks, and armor, by risking his life to go on top of a flaming tank destroyer to hold off the enemy until air support arrived. He then led a counterattack to take back the village of Holtzwhir, which proved essential in the liberation of France.
Desmond Doss
Desmond doss was a company aid man in WWII with the First battalion. They assaulted an enemy encampment known as Hacksaw Ridge. He showed great courage as he went behind enemy lines with out a gun into their bases and at their gun fire just to save his friends. He saved 75 men.
Pavan and Jonathan's Prezi
Medal Of Honor
Common Traits
Audie Murphy
-Served during WWII
- First Liutenant
- was most decorated combat soldier in WWII
- Was awarded by Harry.S.Truman
- Was awarded on January 26,1945
I belive that the characteristic that would describe Doss would be courage cause he belived that even though he would possibly die that he should go and save his friends.
Desmond Doss
- was born on Febuary 7,1914
-was a courpral
-served in WW2
-Was awarded by Harry.S.Truman
-Was awarded on October 12,1945
Movie Script
Here is the link for our movie script. Just copy and paste it in. Then log into your Office.com and view it from there. For some reason, Prezi does not support MS Word files.

-Both showed outrageous acts of
courage to save their friends.
-Both surved in WWII
Both were awarded by
Jonathan I have a problem. It won't let me edit the document. I cannot work on it. What do you want me to do???
You have the Original, so unless, you.......
Yeah I don't know what to do. What if i create my own and you create your part in the one you shared with me and that way ill be able to combine the 2.
Jonathan please respond ok? Also not after 9:00. I go to bed then. Im signing off to have some fun( play video games and watch tv) for the night ok? goodbye. Talk to you tomorrow at... Oh yeah you had something to do tomorrow.. You'll be available Monday or Sunday right?
Jonathan here's what im going to do ok? Im going to create my own movie script and share it with you. Then you can make suggestions via prezi ok?
Ok so i did my word document and it'll be ready for you to make adjustments ok? Just remember tell me about any adjustments and correction via prezi ok? Or let me know via your word document.
Jonathan Courage is spelled
c-o-u-r-a-g-e ok?
Jonathan since you can't really work on it, I am going to finish the movie script and elaborate on your part of the script ok?
Ok Jonathan I finished the movie script ok? I
hope you like it since you can't really change the original and I don't know how to give you permission to change the original since this is hooked up with the cloud ok? So unless you let me know, I won't be able to change it. I'll be checking my Office.com and this Prezi in case you say anything at 8:00 P.M tonight and 7:50 A.M
tomorrow morning ok? Also i'll be helping sell Yuda bands tomorrow morning so I won't be able to talk much before first period.
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