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How to Handle a Job Interview

There are 50 things in life that everyone should know how to do: handling a job interview is one of them.

Britta Grabbe

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of How to Handle a Job Interview

Answering "Traditional" Questions Answering "Behavioral" Questions How To Handle A Job Interview Presented by
Cadet SFC Britta Grabbe Presenting Yourself Successfully Learn all you can
Be prepared to answer and ask questions
Prepare your clothes
Prepare your papers Arrive 10-15 minutes early
Maintain a professional image
Be aware of your nonverbal behaviors
Listen very carefully
Greet and leave with a handshake Make notes right away
Send a thank you letter
Don't call back right away
Listen carefully
Stop and take a moment
Get directly to the point
Discuss only the facts
Be truthful, but reserved Behavioral questions are open-ended questions that will cause you to describe real circumstances and your responses to them. Be honest
Don't try to portray yourself as a person that never makes mistakes (Perfect, in other words)
Admit your mistakes and how you learned from them. In Behavioral Questions, the interviewer WANTS to hear: A brief description of the problem, challenge or situation.
What your action was & how you decided that action.
A brief description of the result of your action and your assessment of its result.

10 Sticky Job Interview Situations 1. The Bad interviewer 2. The "Tell me about Yourself" Question 3. The "Weakness" Question 4. The "Why should I hire you" Question 5. "Off-the-wall" Questions, also known as "Wild Card" or
"No-Right-Answer" Questions 6. Illegal Questions 7. Salary Questions 8. Questions about being terminated from a previous job 9. Questions about reasons for leaving a current job 10. Questions about the future Some of my personal Experiences..... Fairystone-

Dairy Queen-


On The Run- this one was a more formal style interview, like this class is on.... more laid back, casual... same owner as Dairy Queen, so... this one was so-so, a little formal, a little casual... Let's Recap 1. Present Yourself Successfully
2. Know Ahead of time how to go about your interview
3/ Be Prepared to answer Traditional Questions
4. Know how to respond to Behavioral Questions
5. Avoid Sticky Situations Thank You!
I Hope I've Helped prepare You a Little more. =)
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