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No description

Courtney Dill

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Scandal

-Primarily Brown/Green color mix, with hints of Blue
Olivia Pope
Effective - Staying out of Trouble
Consultant / Problem Solver

- Authoritative Leadership Style

- Brown / Blue Communication Style

- Puts professional life before personal life

- Wears the "white hat"
First Lady

- Brown / Red Communication Style

- Coercive Leadership Style

- Manipulative, sharp, and gives ultimatums

- Attitude reflects relationship with Fitz

- Tries to set herself up in positions of power and influence
Mellie Grant
White House Chief of Staff

- Brown Communication Style

- Coercive Leadership Style

- Loyal to the President and White House

- Puts professional life before his personal life
Cyrus Beene
Journalist & husband of Cyrus Beene
James Novak
President of the United States

- Green / Blue Communication Style

- Democratic Leadership Style

- Easily manipulated

- Not afraid to ask for help and input
Fitzgerald Grant
Ineffective Team
- Lack of Trust & Accountability

- Lack of Communication

- Individual Motives

- Emotional Conflicts

- Disconnect between 'it' & 'I'
Effective Team - Keeping Fitz in Office
- Goal Oriented

- Knowledgeable

- Unfaltering Work Ethic

- Purposeful Communication
- Goals are ultimately achieved at the cost of interpersonal relationships
- Effective
- Ineffective

- The Scandal leadership team believes that their end justifies the means

An Illustration of the End Justifies the Means

Jillian Celich, Jennifer Cramer, Alyssa DePlonty, Steve DeWalt, Courtney Dill
-Authoritative leadership style
-Struggles with his own morals and loyalty to his husband

- Negotiation Skills

- Intutitive Leadership
- Respect for Privacy & Confidentiality
- Quick Decision Making
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