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Case Management: Staff, Clients and LinkedIn? OHMY!

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Diana Wong

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Case Management: Staff, Clients and LinkedIn? OHMY!

OHMY! Juliana Castillo: Social Media Coordinator
Diana Wong, MEd., CWDP: Training Accounts Coordinator
San Diego Metro Region Career Centers
KRA Corporation Theory Agenda Understanding the Power of Social Media Networking Utilizing LinkedIn
as a
Case Management Model Results
Areas of Improvements Implementation Results The Importance of Social Media... Case Management:
Staff, Clients
and... Evaluation Social media refers to the means of interactions among people to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives, and exchange information in virtual communities and networks. How we made LinkedIn
work for US Access to a resource of knowledge, ideas and networks.

Find and follow interested groups and companies.

Engage and seek professional online advice.

Stay informed about upcoming Center events and up-to-date Job leads.

Establish a rapport with Career Agents and other members. Model By Example: To be proactive on implementing LinkedIn as a case management tool, the Career Agents also need to be active and engaging on the site to be a model/example of how client can practice their professional social networking skills with the Career Agents who respond and interact with them thus preparing clients to interact with other business, companies and professionals online. Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections!". Retrieved March 28, 2012. Active Cluster:
Choose/post main topic of discussion
(i.e., Self-awareness, Interviewing, Social Media)
Active cluster will be responsible for maintaining the page by answering questions and contributing articles during the week. Passive Clusters:
respond to the Active Cluster’s posting, by offering at least one expert advice and/or useful information relating to the main topic. Group One Group Two Group Three Weekly Rotation of Active/Passive Groups 1 BSR Lead
3-4 Career Agents 1 BSR Lead
3-4 Career Agents 1 BSR Lead
3-4 Career Agents MODEL: San Diego Metro Region Career Center Networking Page Other Random Group Page Other Random Group Page a San Diego Metro Career Center LinkedIn Group CREATED & MAINTAIN Why? Other Random Group Page Managing Your Work Day

A quick, worthwhile read on how to be effective and stay on track despite the many daily demands for your attention... I use an Action Plan Tracker to help keep me organized on a daily basis. Jobseekers can also use this to keep track of any job applications/job interviews they need to attend/have already completed so that if a potential employers calls them they have all the information they need at their finger tips. Client: "I went to a hiring fair recently for a new grocery store that will be opening this spring. These are "musts" not suggestions. I was invited to interview for one department; then asked for interviews in additional departments. Which they complied- they are just looking for the "best fit" for potential employees. And it demonstrates a willingness to work." PURPOSE: INVOLVEMENT: Members of all Groups are responsible for adding at least one comment providing expert advice and/or useful information relating to the main topic. "The majority of the largest groups are employment related, although a very wide range of topics are covered mainly around professional and career issues." Engage with clients around key dates, Center events and employment.

Share best practices through teamwork and feedback.

Enhanced opportunities for Professional Development

Develop business relationships through staff's internal/external connections. Clients: Career Agents: Open to any clients
Clients that are eligible for training are REQUIRED to ATTEND. Clients CREATE a LinkedIn Profile and LEARN about LinkedIn

Job searching
Networking The Idea:
Provide efficient opportunities to network, collaborate and maintain client relationships that enhance employment strategies through virtual networking. With a group, you can lead discussions about your industry and share your expertise. is Changing The Workforce 82% 89% 92% Statistics 92 % of Human Resources and Recruitment professionals are using or are planning to start using social media to recruit staff
(Jobvite 2012 Survey) Most Popular Social Networks use for Recruiting Social Networking Statistics Social Media 45% 47% 54% 66% 55% 55% 87% 78% 93% Career Agents are
Social Media Coordianator
of names of clients who have joined the LinkedIn Group. Clients ATTEND
"Social Media: Are you IN?"
Workshop KEY PLAYERS: Results: Career Agent perspective
Client perspective
Employer Perspective Clients JOIN San Diego Metro Career Center Networking Group What is Social Media? Provide insight and expertise to a larger audience. Conclusion: To be successful implementing LinkedIn as a Case Management tool all constituents needs to be active and engaged on the site. Staff need to model and be an example of how clients can practice their professional social networking skills to respond and interact with others. The issues:
Career Agents performing outdated Case Management Practices that were ineffective.
Clients are unaware of events, resources and services at the Center.
Lack of technological skills and knowledge how to utilize social media for job search and networking purposes. Staff Development In-Service
Active Clients: 1764
Total Number of Staff: 30
Services: Workshops, Recruiting Events, Job Fairs, Intensive Services, Supportive Services, Educational Training, OJT's. Learning Outcomes South Metro Career Center Metro Career Center San Diego Metro Region Career Center Profile Serves South San Diego Population
Housed with several other organizations
2 computer labs/3 Workshop Rooms
Resource Hub
Business Services Representatives
Career Agents
Quality Assurance Team Serve Central San Diego Population
Resource/Computer Lab hub
Two Workshop rooms
Career Agents One Stop Center I can also post jobs in the LinkedIN group according to the demographic needs of my clients! Assessment of the Model What Worked? How can model be improved on? What difficulties were encountered? http://www.linkedin.com/groups?groupDashboard=&gid=4566332 Any Questions
Comments? Thank you! Staff Involvement Job Seekers: Where are the jobs?

Employers: Where are the qualified workers?

It Global Competition: Are you In? Employers rely on Social Media as a recruiting tool to attract and search for talent

Saves employers money by avoiding advertisement and job posting fees

Helps employer know if a potential candidate is the right fit for the job!

Time! Statistics
73 % of respondents stated they have successfully hired through social media up from 63 % in 2011 (Jobvite 2012 Survey) Social Media 58% Recruiters who successfully hired Through Social Media 73% 63%
Leading social network used by employers and job seekers.

93% of employers use LinkedIn for recruiting. Up from 87% in 2011 (Jobvite 2012 Survey)

January 2012 -147 million users,
June 2012 -175 million users (Wikipedia)

85 million visitors per month (tweetmaster.com) Social Networking Statistics
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