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When you reach me

No description

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of When you reach me

When You Reach Me
I think the climax is when Sal gets punched and decided to not be Miranda' s friend anymore.
M, this is hard. Harder than I expected, even with your help. But I have been practicing, and my preparations go well. I am coming to save your friends life, and my own. I ask two favors. First, you must write me back. Second, please state in your letter were your house key is. The trip is a difficult one. I will not be my self when you reach me.
I would recommend this book to people that like mysterious. I might recommended this more to girls that's because it has a lot of drama.
The main idea
By Rebecca Stead
Main Characters
One of the letters she gets
Who I would recommend this book to
Why I recommend this book to those people
I know that girls would like this because it has drama. I know that boys do not like drama very much. This is a very good mystery book. That is because it is a mystery who is writing her the letters and who is the guy trying to save Sal etc?
It is about a girl who tries to save her best friend.
When this is happening she is getting different
letters. The letters will help her in saving her friend.
Along the way she makes new friends and has a lot
of challenges she has to over come.
Another climax
Another climax is when the truck is barreling at him at a speed of 50 to 60 m.p.h. When Sal was right in front of it.
Miranda the girl who is getting all the notes.
She is very open to people and is very helpful.
Sal is very strong willed. He is very safe and
doesn't want to get in trouble.
Annmarie is Miranda' s friend. She is very rich.
Colin is one of her friends she meets along the way.
He loves Miranda. Marcus is the boy who punched Sal
and the kid who tries to save him.

Done by Heidi
Miranda' s best friend is Sal. They would walk home together. Sal got punched by Marcus. At that time he decided he would not be Miranda' s friend. Then she starts getting different notes. One day Sal was running away from Marcus who was trying to save him. Then he goes in the middle off the street. When ----- saves him from the car killing him. At the end they become friends again.
The lesson learned
The lesson learned is don't judge a book by the cover. That's because the most unlikely man saves Sal.

The setting is in a lower class part of New York in the 1970's.
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