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Susan Tao

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

WD 2013 Arrangement
Ⅰ . Advisor Career Planning & Reserve Force Strengthen

Ⅱ . Service Quality Improvement

Ⅲ. Loyalty & Working Attitude

WD Training System
Training Arrangement
Why we need more WD Training 2013?
Data From VOW 2012

HQ Advisors considered Onstar can be a long-term career development choice.

Demand in 2012 VOW : More Development Training

Advisors hope company can help them solve these problem: Salary, regular work shift, more
relaxing activities and development training

working attitude
of advisors with OnStar length approximate 2 years or above are
getting worse sharply

One Of The Solution
Workforce Training System

What's the Objective?
How to achieve the Objective?

Advisor Welfare Training

Public Course System-Guidance to Onstar Success

Course Ⅰ+Ⅱ+Ⅲ Overview

Advisor Competence Database

Advisor Competence Database
e.g. 2012 Talent Recommendation
2013 Welfare Training Arrangement
In 2013 WD, we pay more attention to
working attitude & career competence in HQ.

Current Training Resource

Current Training Resource
In 2013,HQ has NHT in every month, Since XM’s high turnover rate and new hire’s influence on AHT, the hiring and training pressure in XM are very heavy.

Therefore, According to the predicted data,
One Classroom in HQ insufficient is to WD Training in 2013.

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