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No Renewal

No description

Yake Jasko

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of No Renewal

Theme Personal Opinion Setting Literary Devices Plot No Renewal by Spider Robinson Characters Spider Robinson is a American born Canadian author, He is an award winning science fiction author. His list of works include:
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
Variable Star
Time Travellers Strictly Cash Douglas Bent-Main and only character (Protagonist) My personal opinion on the story 'No Renewal' is that it was very dull. When its a short story you can't really expect anything really exciting or a very good storyline. Nothing really happened in this story, the man drank tea and talked about how things change. It was a one character story, no contributing rules and no conflicts, nothing to really take out of it either.

Although the overall storyline was bland, the ending was different than what I would have expected and we can assume that the man expired along with his birth certificate. The story 'No Renewal' takes place on a farm in Nova Scotia, rushing creeks and streams surrounded this farm at one time, it was a thing to see.. But these days it has been changed drastically, the fields paved, the old mills and farms have been changed, demolished and paved over or turned into an industrial building. The only thing that stands unchanged is Douglas's farm and small amount of acreage. Character Analysis The theme of 'No Renewal' was very hard to pull out, not much happened that can be a life lesson or something to think about. But the main idea of the story is aging, and how much things change over time. Point Of View This story is seen from the 3rd person point of view meaning all characters are referred to as "He", "She", and "It". The story is told by a narrator who is not present, and it is not the narrators story. The story 'No Renewal' is a very short story, hard to find major points especially in this one. From lowest actions to the climax this is how the list goes.
Tea and remembrance of the past
Douglas wonders how old he is
Finds birth certificate
Douglas has turned fifty
Birth certificate "expires" that day
Extermination Climax Rising Actions Douglas is a lonely old man who seems to be reclusive and frail. He sports a beard and four toes on his right four (His big toe missing) Living alone and in a somewhat isolated area he probably hasn't spoken to anyone in a while and most likely has degenerated social skills.

If I were to choose someone to play him I would choose a skinny, hunched over sickly looking Michael Caine. In this story the literary device of Irony is used used in the ending, you don't expect an expiry date on the birth certificate and its shocking. Irony- Similie- In this story a Similie is used, when opening the box "The past leaps out at him like the woes of the world from Pandora's Box" Metaphors- a Metaphor is used in the story when he smells his tea, "His nostrils test the aroma; to his dismay, the fake smells genuine"
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