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Ms. Lincoln's Classroom Redesign

No description

Elizabeth Lincoln

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of Ms. Lincoln's Classroom Redesign

Ms. Lincoln's Classroom Redesign
Individual Carpet Squares

IKEA-NOT Floor Uplight

With your help, we can design a 21st century learning environment that supports Personalized Learning through creativity and mobility!

Walmart-Classic Vinyl Shiny Bean Bag

Laptop stand, black


Magazine file, set of 2

Walmart-Area Rug
These bean bags are a comfortable option to use when reading and collaborating.
These laptop stands will work perfectly for our Chromebooks, and they're mobile!
Lamps are a great way to create a calming atmosphere in the classroom.
With the goal of replacing desks with collaborative tables, students will need to organize their materials without the space of a desk. These magazine files will be a great substitute. They go perfectly in our mobile environment too!
This fun stool is a great alternative for students who would rather sit on a stool then a chair. These stools will be easy to move around the room as well.
These carpet squares offer comfortable support for students when working independently or collaborating with others while on the floor.
An area rug creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in the classroom. This one would look great in our room!
This table could replace our traditional desks. Students would be able to move it to meet their needs during group projects.
All of these items are simply suggestions. The students are at the center of our redesign. As families, so are you! Please share any suggestions or ideas you may have!

To achieve our goal of the redesign and Personalized Learning, we need your help! Please make a donation to our classroom if you are able.
Together we can Personalize Learning in a 21st century environment!
These clipboards will provide a hard surface for students when not sitting at a desk or table. They will be easy to carry around the room too!
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