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my-eSAT - Writing Class 1 no logo

No description

Yevgen Chupak

on 10 August 2011

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Transcript of my-eSAT - Writing Class 1 no logo

Meet the Writing Section With this type, you improve a poorly written sentence! Improving Sentence Directions Jot this down! For Improving Sentence questions,
Answer choice A is the same! Unlock all my secrets... don't aim here...
aim higher! Ladder
Ahead! YES!
Level up! Go get it... 10 points! 10 points! Suidical book???
Weird...but okay Only one way to go! Proceed two spaces! GRAMMAR 101 How to get your dog to eat
your homework Sweet! Jot this down! - Grammar is MOST important
BUT Clarity and Conciseness matter too!

- More than ONE answer choice can be
grammatically correct! Jot this down! You are looking for the most
EFFECTIVE sentence Most
important 2nd most
important 3rd most
important Identifying Sentence Error Directions For Identifying Sentence Error questions,
- there is only ONE error or NO error
- only an underlined portion can have an error Jot this down! Jot this down! Verb and pronoun matching errors are the
MOST common error on the SAT The subject should be IMMEDIATELY
after the introductory phrase! Jot this down! Jot this down! For Improving Paragraph questions,
you are editing an early DRAFT! For Improving Sentence questions,
Answer choice A is the same! Jot this down! The world is your oyster Jot this down! FIRST find the verb and pronoun and
make sure they match the subject! Verb Pronoun subject verb verb verb pronoun pronoun subject Improving Paragraph Directions After watching the first lecture for all three sections:
Take SAT Practice Test #2 from The Official SAT Study Guide by College Board You're DONE! Run-on. Incorrect Correct and concise! Ambigious. Incorrect Ambigious. Incorrect Redundant. Incorrect. "Sentence Effectiveness" on the SAT With this type, you find the error in the sentence With these, you will revise an essay.
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