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The Avengers Tony Stark Characterization

Iron Man has social issues... (School Project)

Mason H.

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of The Avengers Tony Stark Characterization

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Characterization Stereotypes All large business owners are self-obsessed.

All superheroes are good looking.

There needs to be a tragedy to bring people together. Summary The Avengers Tony Stark Characterization Leading up from the previous Marvel Superhero Movies, the Avengers contains lots of superheroes: Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, and Iron Man, along with Hawkeye and Black Widow. An experimental energy source called the Tesseract is unwillingly used to bring a villain from another planet, Loki, to Earth. He steals the Tesseract and plans to release an alien invasion on Earth. A group of heroes are put together to go after him... Plot of The Avengers Tony Stark Tony Stark is the CEO of Stark Industries. He is very rich, and is proud of it. He has an annoying, joking personality. He is always making jokes, and is very egoistic. He was injured by a bomb earlier in life, and has a mechanism protecting his heart from the shrapnel. He is a genius, and created a super-suit, which can fly and shoot lasers. He uses it to be a hero, which gradually improves his personality. Language Use - Regular, relaxed (medium)
Clothing - T-shirts, jeans (medium)
Technology - Super-Suit w/ heart protection (high)
Relationship - Dating (medium)
Religion - Unknown
Attractiveness - Good looks w/ cool goatee (high)
Posture - Regular, nothing special (medium)
Athletic Ability - Using suit, very good (high)
Income - CEO of Stark Industries (high)
Job - CEO of Stark Industries (high)
Housing - Stark Towers (high)
Family Background - Father was CEO of Stark Industries (high)
Manners - Annoying, egoistic, makes jokes (low)
Actions - Saves the world (high) Reinforcement In many movies, business are depicted as greedy, egoistic snobs. They care about nobody but themselves. This isn't entirely true; that's what makes it a stereotype. But, towards the end of the movie, Iron Man risks his life and busts this stereotype. MINE! Reinforcement Have you ever seen an ugly hero? Mostly all movies have heroes with good looks. Tony Stark enforces that stereotype with his looks. Even so, anybody can be a hero, no matter how they look Reinforcement SPOILER ALERT! In lots of movies, somebody dies which brings the characters together for a greater cause. This happens in the Avengers. A tragedy can do that, but other things can too. In The Avengers, at first none of the heroes get along. Tony Stark is a snob and makes every one angry. But, in the end he does what is right and saves everyone. A lesson that can be learned from this movie is that you should always think of others, and not just yourself.
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