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Investing Basics

No description

Adam Hagerman

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Investing Basics

Investment Types Foundation Compound Interest Inflation Risk
Reward Create a
Spending Plan Eliminate Debt Save For
Emergencies Things To
Consider Set
Goals What Is It? What Do You Have at the End of Year 1? $110 - You Earned $10 Interest What Do You Have at the End of Year 2? $121 - You Earned $11 Interest $100 Investment Earning 10% Compound Interest Is Magical Responsible Rachel Procrastinating Pete Starts Investing $400
Per Month @ Age 20 Stops Investing @ Age 30 $48,000 Invested $2,044,600 Balance @ Age 70 Starts Investing $400
Per Month @ Age 30 Stops Investing @ Age 70 $192,000 Invested $1,517,284 Balance @ Age 70 Beware of Inflation 1885
2¢ US Postage Stamps 2012
45¢ Increased an Average of 2.48% Per Year Investing Is
Risky Business Prepayment Risk Political Risk Interest Rate Risk Credit Risk Currency Risk Market Risk Tax Risk Business Risk Liquidity Risk Reinvestment Risk How Much Risk Should I Take? It Depends... Responsible Rachel Investing Basics Adam Hagerman, AFC® Financial Coaching Center
"GO FCC" Cash Stocks Bonds Mutual
Funds vs. Time Horizon

Risk Tolerance Experience

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