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Advertising and the Human Mind

No description

Olivia Kim

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Advertising and the Human Mind

Advertising and the
Human Mind

Josephine Ahn and Olivia Kim
Sense Perception
Which ways of knowing are the most influential
methods of advertisement?
Some advertisements use pathos to appeal to consumers.
How does sensory appeal influence the consumer?
Does it appear reasonable for one to buy the product?
Some advertisements are informative and eloquently worded.
Consumer Psychology
How do thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, and feelings influence the opinions that we form?
Emotion Over Reason?
Consider this study about how emotions influence what we buy...
Advertising in the Past
How does it compare and contrast with today's advertising?
University of South California
Advertising Boom (20th century)
Increase in Modernization Increase in Advertising
Advertising Now
How is advertising different now?
Artistic Influences
How does each way of knowing influence the actions that one may choose to take?
Evoking strong emotions helps an ad to relate to or gain the sympathy of the consumer.

Does this make the consumer more inclined to buy the product?

Will the effects of this advertising method be lasting?
An infomercial is intended to persuade the consumer to by a product by:

Providing information
Describing the benefits
Showing real life applications

The purpose of language is communication with those around you.

How can an advertisement that clearly expresses its purpose influence the targeted audience?
Certain things that are more appealing to our senses than others.

Advertisements use these things to reach the consumer, very frequently through visual appeal.
Egyptians: sales posters and wall posters
In Asia, South America and Africa: wall/rock paintings
Ancient China: oral advertising
As world modernized, used slogans, icons, jingles
How does each way of knowing affect the consumer's decisions?
Edward Bernays: founder of modern advertising
The manipulation of public opinion was a necessary part of democracy
Human Instincts can be used to the advantage of advertisers
Tobacco company was the first
Cultural Assimilation
Women played a big role
Social Media
Whole world is connected
Old methods?
Visually appealing
Color Wheel
Negative Space
Color branding
Personality of the Brand
Personal feelings and experiences over features and facts?

Emotion determines customer loyalty to specific brands, styles, or products.
How do artistic elements affect our sense perception?
How do we choose businesses, products and services?

What are the thought processes behind the decisions that we make as consumers?

How do personal factors influence our buying decisions?
Influences on and of Consumer Behavior
Which ways of knowing are the most influential
methods of advertisement?
Things to Consider...
Advertisers strive simply to promote their product; they do not consider the individual consumer.

Advertising has an effect on how consumers view a product or idea.

Advertising is to some extent effective in influencing the consumer's decisions.
Points of View
Sense Perception
Which way of knowing impacts the human mind the most in making decisions?
Each way of knowing has an impact on the consumer
False information

Cannot be relied on alone
Sense Perception
Distorted reality

Are the effects lasting?
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