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Rachel's Tears

No description

Olivia Sanchez

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Rachel's Tears

Plot analysis
Rachel's Tears tells the story of Rachel, a teenage girl who was known to be a very pretty, popular and seemed to have a great life. That changed when her life was tragically taken during the Columbine shooting in 1999. After her death her parents find her journals and find out she had an intimate relationship with God. Rachel knew she wasn't gonna live for very long. A year before the shooting Rachel wrote in her journal that it was going to be her last year and that she was happy the life God had given her. The book tells goes through Rachel's journey through faith and Gods plan that he had for her and also her parents, siblings, family members and friends perspective on that day and how Rachel and her journal they found afterward affected them. Her parents share their experiences in the book to help others who struggle with faith.
Rachel's Tears
Live life to the fullest Rachel was known for her passion for life. From a very young age, she seemed to know that she wouldn't live a very long life. In her journals, less than a year before she died, she commented that it would be her last year of life. This could have been why she embraced life and Christianity the way she did.
Tone / Perspective
This novel is subjective and written from the parents point of view of family members and friends after the events occurred. The book is unique because it also highlights many parts of Rachel journals, which were written before the events occurred.
Both parents wanted to use the book as a witness. To do so they were brutally honest in their feelings about God and their daughters relationship with God. They shared parts of her journal to emphasize points they were trying to make.
The American Dream

Rachel's Tears is told through a girl named Rachel's journals and her family's perspective after she dies tragically is a historical event that shakes the world.
There are times were the American Dream doesn't have to be about having the right job or plan for success, in Rachel's case she knew she wasn't gonna be around for very long so she made the most out of life and cherished each moment. Whether the smallest things, Rachel loved spreading kindness and love to others and to fulfill her Gods plan for her. And in the end she got her wish and completed her purpose.
There are a lot of people, from her parents, friends, siblings, cousins, family member, and classmates.
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