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ahmad ibrahim

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of ISIS


ISIS / ISIL (Da'ish)
ISIL Organization
ISIL Means the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. It's an organization created by abu musab al-zarqawi. He created in 2000 in Iraq. in 2004 he get help from Osama bin Laden. he exalt the organization Of his operations To become one of the most powerful organizations in Iraq.
Who is Abu bakr al-baghdadi
Who is Abu bakr al-baghdadi
he was arrested by US Forces-Iraq on the 2nd of February 2004 near Fallujah and been detained at Camp Bucca detention center under his name Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badry, as a "civilian internee", until December 2004,
when he was recommended for release by a Combined Review and Release Board. In December 2004 he was released, as 'low level prisoner'.
Who is Abu bakr al-baghdadi
after he was released he joined AL-qaeda. and took over the new comers who wanted to join AL-qaeda. after death of abu musab al-zarqawi in 2006 Abu Ayyub al-Masri and Abu Omar al-Baghdadi they became leaders. In 2010 Abu bakr al-baghdadi became the New leader of ISI.
Who are ISIL
What did the Prime Minister of Iraq do ?
(nouri al-maliki)
what ISIL did During the three years '2013-2015'
started in April 2013

In 2013 ISI they wanted to join another organization which is Jabhat al-Nusra but this organization rejected them, And the leader of AL-qaeda Ayman al-Zawahiri canceled integration with ISI. But Abu bakr al-baghdadi which he is the leader of ISI he decide to finish what he started to become ISIL.
Abu Mohammad al-Julani
Ayman al-Zawahiri
Abu bakr al-baghdadi
His name:
Ibrahim Awwad Ibrahim Ali Muhammad al-Badri al-Samarrai
28 July 1971 (age 43)
he is responsible for all military activities of al Qaeda in Iraq and destination and managed a wide range of attacks and operations.
He is the leader of ISIL
Abu bakr al-baghdadi
leader of ISI.
Osama bin Laden
abu musab al-zarqawi
he is the ferst leader of ISI organizations
1966 in Zarqa, Jordan
2006 Baquba, Iraq
Abu Ayyub al-Masri
He is the second leader of ISI
1968 in Egypt
18 April 2010 in Iraq
Abu Omar al-Baghdadi.
He is the Third leader of ISI
April 18, 2010
Tikrit, Iraq
started in April 2013
ISIL exploited the security situation, which happened in Anbar and Fallujah in 2013. To took over Fallujah and Karma and most of the city of Ramadi. slowly after militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) entered some of the neighborhoods of Ramadi and parts of Anabr to controlled
He sand a thousands of his soldiers to Ramadi and Anabr. they start kill Innocent people Instead Fighting ISIL.
the people start confused who is with them and who is against them. that who ISIL get the Iraqi people join ISIL after Brainwashed.
All of the Sect in Iraq start demonstrating to get Nouri al-Maliki leaves a governing.
Nuri al-Maliki he Send a message to the people who live in Ramadi and Anabr he said " all of the people who live in Ramadi and Anabr you have to leave this territory because we will attack this territory , and the people who is not gonna leave. they are considered a terrorists".

nouri al-maliki
Haider al-Abadi
Haider al-Abadi he became the new Prime Minister of Iraq since 8 September 2014, He fix a lot of things like Salaries, Military conscription, canceled prevention curfew after 6:00 PM. He won many of the attacks against ISIL, freeing a lot of cities from ISIL
Haider al-Abadi
ISIL is believed to have some 30,000 fighters in its ranks, with about 10% of them from the West. Western nations have stepped up security to prevent citizens from traveling to Syria and Iraq to join the fight.
take control of Mosul June 11 2014 in northern Iraq, dealing the government an enormous-and unexpected-blow. The militants release prisoners to join ISIL
loot banks of about $425 million, and occupy an airport, several government and military buildings, and a police station. Government troops abandon the fight and join civilians fleeing the city. As many as 500,000 people flee Mosul
Abduction of Women and selling them
They destroy The effects of iraq
They took control of the cities where there is oil
They took control 40 % of the Iraqi cities
The largest massacres committed by ISIL  Of the most bloody massacres in Iraq
-Spyker and Albonmr massacre In Tikrit and Anabr, Iraq.Their numbers exceeded the 2200 deaths
And they killed at the same time, They divided to more than one group and the start killing them In different placesز
what ISIL did During the three years '2013-2015'
solution to ISIL
Control the entering of resources to ISIL
Freeing Anbar city from ISIL
Control the border
Control the airlines
Train soldiers to fight

Massacres ISIL
  And mass burial sites are repeated against the Iraqi people in various walks of life without Inclusive Muslims and Christians Shiite and Sunni Arabs and Kurds.
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