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freediving theory at a glance (draft)

No description

Philippe Prieur

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of freediving theory at a glance (draft)

Aim What is Freediving? Physiology Technique & Buoyancy Different Disciplines and Records To build your knowledge and understanding in the sport of Freediving. Freediving Question policy Equipment Reduced Heart Rate Tidal Volume – (TV) Bradycardia Adaptation to Water Lung Capacity Constant Weight Variable Weight No Limits Dynamic Apnea Static Apnea Technique Buoyancy Cardiovascular System Equalisation Pressure Blood Shift Pressure on the Lungs Hyperventilation CO2 Warning Muscle contraction Heart Rate Gas Exchange BLACKOUT Reduced Blood Pressure General Muscular Decontraction Expiratory Reserve Volume – (ERV) Inspiratory Reserve Volume – (IRV) Residual Volume – (RV) Vital Capacity – (VC) Functional Residual Capacity – (FRC) Total Lung Capacity – (TLC) Evolution ‘Shellfish Eaters’ & Egyptian Dynasty Raimondo Bucher 1949 (30 metres) Equipment
Gas piping snorkel
Large rubber mask
Small rubber fins History Breathe Up ‘Apnea’ Routines (hand-out) Relaxation Depth – Fold-in and kick Descending – Duckdive, swim 10m-15m Practice Equalisation descending!! Ascending - Hyperventilate Amniotic Fluid Achimede’s Principle of Bouyancy
‘A body immersed in liquid receives a force upwards that is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced’ 60% Adult 97% Human Embryo 80% New Born Baby Natural Ability Water born baby Effects of water - 1kg:1litre = Neutral Bouyancy - 75kg:90litres = Positive Bouyancy - 75kg:60litres = Negative Bouyancy 125m 142m 214m 273m 11:35 mins Alarms Mobile Phones Eating & drinking A
S OBJECTIVES What is Freediving Physiological Effects Technique and Bouyancy Different Disciplines and
Records SUMMARY Physiology Disciplines KNOWLEDGE ANY FINAL
QUESTIONS Aim LOOK FORWARD Equipment & History Techniques 30 Mins ANY QUESTIONS?
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