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zen led

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of Celje

CELJE Sights
Changes In the Roman times Celje was called Celeia. In the 15 century Celje becamed a city. In the past few years Celje changed a lot. Celje is now the third biggest
city in Slovenia. Previously most of the shops were in the center of the city. But now city center is almost empty, because most of the people visit shops in big centers in the edge of the city. If you visit Celje there
are a lot of interesting things to see. Celje castle (Stari grad) It's famous because of the
Frideric tower. There was closed
a count son. Šmartinsko lake It's a man made
lake.There were caught
a lot of big fishes. Only 20 minutes driving
from the city center is the ski slope called Celjska koča. It's the lowest ski slope in Slovenia. One of the most famous traveller is
Alma Karlin (1889-1950). She wrote a lot of books. In Celje there are
lots of things to do. you can go to the theatre or in the cinema. You can visit museums or art
galleries. In the Celje there's one of
the most advanced libraries in Slovenia. You can relax yourself in a beautiful
park near river Savinja. If you are a football fan,
you can visit one of the games in the new
football stadium.
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