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Elements of Paralinguistics of Communication

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Ricardo Ansela

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Elements of Paralinguistics of Communication

Paralinguistics of Communication
- Paralinguistic communication is the study of voice and how words are said. When you open your mouth to speak, you reveal much about yourself that often has nothing at all to do with the words you are speaking.
There are 7 elements
1. Rate/Speed
2. Rhythm
3. Volume
4. Pitch
5. Inflection/Vocal Variety
6. Quality
7. Intensity/Tone
1. Rate/Speed
Generally men speak faster than women. Rapid rates of speech (and quickly coming up with a response) have been correlated with composure and self-assurance.
Research indicates that confidence, assertiveness, and boldness are reflected in louder speech.
A high-pitched voice can often time sound squeaky or childlike. Many people associate lower pitches with greater credibility, maturity and authority. More men are born with low-baritone or bass-pitched voices and they rarely use the highest level of pitch that women use.
2. Rhythm
International languages have unique rhythms. It is important to note this because the global language for business today is still English.

"Paralinguistics elements of Communications"
For example, a person from France speaks at a different speed and rhythm than someone from Singapore. A French person will generally speak English using a rhythmical pace similar to their native French language.
Business women often times find themselves in a vocal dilemma trying to force their natural speaking voice too low to be more accepted or to seem more professional. It is important to note that the pitches you choose to speak on most should be in your most powerful vocal range.

Inflection/Vocal variety
refers to variations in pitch. Imagine a storyteller reading a book to children. You would expect an almost sing-song inflection.
refers to the vocal characteristics that allow you to differentiate one voice from another.
Finally, how emphatic are the statements? For example if someone says, "I want you to do it now!" The intense delivery can be a direct indicator of the speaker's passion and commitment or lack of it. The tone also reveals emotions behind the words being spoken.
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