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The world today and the timber

No description

Floriano Pastore Jr.

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of The world today and the timber


The International Tropical Timber Organization and the timber production and trade statistics: a well consistent source of research at www.itto.int
The last works of the group show a quite consistent stability with slight increase in the trade.

The present situation is positive
A look into the future may not point in the same direction.

The market participation depends on some aspects, inter alia:
-Competitiveness of tropical forest products versus other species and materials
-The level of market requirements

-How are these aspects, today?

A speech “The Digital Revolution and the forests”
Some conclusions can be taken:
If woods and their production chains have clear importance, there is an inevitable comparison with other goods and services from forests
It may happen that forests be called to play different and crucial roles related to climate and other services
The native woods, still of high technological importance, are liable to be replaced by other species and materials
It seems inevitable that reforestation species, bamboos and other similar substitutes will gain increasing strength

Technological Revolutions ways of change
Every revolution creates its own instruments
The dominion over these instruments, in each revolution, generates a difference between countries, institutions, companies, families, and people

Example: the vapour machine and the power of Great Britain emerging from the Industrial Revolution

In the present Digital Revolution, information and communication are the ways to use: and they can be used for the well or for the bad
Applying to forest products
All sort of digital tools used by companies
Absolutely friendly commercial sites
Networks of complementary producers
Market transparency in high level
Internet accessible information of the custody chain may be of high value
Information taken as an asset of political and marketable value

Thank you very much
Floriano Pastore Jr. ITTO ROLAC
Brasília - DF - Brasil
Telephone: (+55-61) 3322.5087

The world today and the timber market

Second APEC Meeting of Ministers
Responsible for Forestry
14-16 August 2013
Cusco, Peru
Floriano Pastore Jr.
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