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Shift Levi Nemitz

No description

levi nemitz

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Shift Levi Nemitz

Shift Levi Nemitz
Minor Characters Ward
traits: manipulative, negotiative, arguementative
Chris's parents
Behavior: they seem to think chris is still little and his mom tries to give him all of their money they also seem like they like sitting on the porch with a cream soda
Shift by Jennifer Bradbury and shift
project by Levi Nemitz.
Win's parents
Rising Action
Rising Action
Traits: whiny, lazy,
behavior: win seems to like having people take care of him he likes a lot of breaks along the road.
Traits: athletic, hardworking,serious
behavior: Chris likes to take every chance on the road to live off people
Behavior: Abe Ward seems to be manipulated by win's dad to do what he wants and find Win.HE also seems like he dosen't want to help find win but Coggans is making him
Traits: Carefree, caring, relaxed
Traits: overworked, stressed
Behavior: wins parents in the book seem like they pick up 3 shifts a day at work and sleep 2 hours and live off 5 hour energy
The setting of this book is in
West Virginia and across
the United States and the
present day takes place in
Atlanta Georgia at Georgia
The conflict in this book is
win's dad is trying to find Win and thinks Chris has all the answers when he doesn't even know what state he is in and win's dad starts taking things from Chris's family. This book is man vs man because Chris and Wins dad are fighting each other to find Win.
The setting of this book is mostly cross country and in Georgia the characters are Chris,win, their parents, ward, Danielle
Road Trip
Road Trip
Road trip
A flash back is a chapter in the past tense that sheds some light on the present chapter.
Jennifer Bradbury uses this to tell us about the trip that Chris and win had along the road and tell us important details of how they changed on the trip.
Vanti acts like grade are her number one concern along with socccer practice and also cares about how her time is used and is very particular about what time it is and where she should be.
The part of the book that grabs your attention, the hook is the part when Abe Ward takes Chris and says he is with the FBI and has to ask him a few questions. A quote from this part is "my name is Abe Ward and i'm with the FBI id like to ask you some questions"
Event 1: Chris and Win leave from Leon West Virginia
Event 2: wins dad threatens chris
Rising Action
Event 3: postcard from tricksey.
1: scamping on the church ground forest found on chapter 8
2: jumping in the water under the bridge pg.105-110
3: scamping in jail pages 124 to 140

Chapter 19
Chris is on a bus going to Omak WA to
see if he can find Win in Montana by asking all of the people he can find in Montana like Danneil.
Chris climax
Chapter 20
Flashback: Chris and win get to their destination.
Present: Chris win is found and then goes home.
Falling Action
Chris changes
Win Changes
At the beginning of the book Win was immature and irresponsible and couldn't get by on his own without his Dad but at the end he has a job at Morgans works with them makes honest money instead of using his dads money.
Book theme
At the beginning of the book Chris was somewhat responsible as he did take his moms groceries for the bike trip but later in the book became self sufficient because his mom asked him if he wanted money but Chris turned it down and is more responsible and has more acceptance later as he let Win stay in Montana instead of putting his nose on the floor.
I would say that the book theme is acceptance because Chris said win could stay in Montana and would cover up his tracks so Win could be happy with Morgan And Effie and help them work on their farm.
I choose these series of pictures because Montana meant where Chris was going the man meant Win the flashdrive win gave Chris and the sock that it was put in.

I picked this because it is how the whole story began with Chris and win leaving for Seattle.
I choose this because it is the beginning of the corporate warfare Mr. Coggans has unleashed on Chris and his family.
I picked this because it is a postcard for Win and it shows he wants to be found by Chris.
I selected this because it showed they would do anything to sleep in anywhere but the wild or a campsite.
I picked this because it showed the competition they had along the road.
I choose this because it shows how much they would be willing to risk riding a extra 5 miles and also how nice churches are.
Chris and Win leave their relationship as equals having all scores against them tied and competition ended. Also they ended their relationship peacefully Chris not turning in Win and he can have the life he wants.
What I liked most about this book is that there was a flashback chapter after every chapter leaving suspense but then you get your answer in a few pages. What I liked least about the book is that it wasn't a very long book it could be easily read in one day or less. I would recommend this book to young adults who can understand things in this book and whats happening to each of the characters and some language is not suitable for a younger audience. I rate this book 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.
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