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A Clockwork Orange

No description

Thomas Young

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange Setting Characters Plot Intorduction Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Theme Literary Elements Text to Connection Personal Response Alex F. Alexander Minister of the Interior Dr. Brodsky The main character and narrator of the story, Alex is a naive 15 year old boy who is the leader of his gang. The boy loves both violence and classical music which seem to get his blood pumping and work together. Only known by his first initial and last name, F. Alexander is the foil to alex being an older intillegent type writer who wants to expose the government. His wife is raped by Alex and his gang in the beginning of the story and dies from the shock. The highest representative of the State and becomes in power while Alex is in jail. The Minister of the Interior is the one who selects Alex to take part in the experiemental program that removes criminals behaviors. The scientist that will be in charge of the experimental program called Ludovico's Technique. Finds Alex's suffereing humorous and learns that classical music intensify's his emotions. The story begins with Alex and his three droogs causing trouble in the city by beating men, raping women, and stealing cras and money. Then Alex decides to take his boys out to the country side to do an "old surprise visit" which is where they go into a random house and beat and rape the people inside along with stealing money and wrecking the House. After that, the boys are about to call it a sucessful night when Alex has to lash out at one of his droogs for mocking classical music and this causes the other members of the gang to question Alex as a leader. The next day, Alex senses the tension and tries to fix the problem by beating up a few of his droogs to show he was in control. Feeling no problems with anything, Alex and them decide to go into a lady's house to steal her gold and silver. After being denied entry Alex sneaks in through a window where he gets into a a tussle with the lady and hits her over the head accidently killing her. The cops are on their way when Alex runs out to the front of the house to escape with his droogs when they betray him and hit him across the face with a chain in his eyes leaving him for the cops to take him to jail. Alex spends two of his fourteen year sentence in jail with ease and is having good behavior, until a new cellmate tests Alex's authority and is beat to death byAlex. This act of defiance leaves Alex to be the first canidate for the Ludovico's Technique, an experimental treatment that causes the violent criminals to become ill when even the smallest thought of violence. The testing lasts for two weeks and by the end of it Alex isnt able to cause any violence or even think about it with out becoming ill. He is also no able to listen to his classical music because he often associated it with violence, Alex being harmless and not his own self is released from prison. Being out of prison, Alex is found by his old droog Dim and enemy Billyboy who are both police officers together. The two decide to take Alex out to the country and give him a beating that they thought he deserved. Alex finds a nearby house and begs for help, after entering Alex realizes he had been there before and that he had raped the man that let him in's wife. The man does not recognize Alex because he wore a mask and tells Alex how his wife died from shock after she was raped a few years ago. The mans name is F. Alexander and he has devoted his life to exposing the government ever sense his wifes death which he feels the government is partially responsible for. After hearing what happend to Alex and his condition, F. Alexander feels like him and some of his colleagues would be able to make this story public and cause a fluster within the state. Being annoyed by everyone Alex lashes out at F. Alexander In nadsat, a slang he uses through out the whole book that F. Alexander recognizes from the night his wipe was raped. With F. Alexander very suspicious, he changes the plan and locks Alex in a apartment building with classical music playing hoping he will jump out the window and commit suicide so he can blame the government. Alex, going crazy, does jump out the window to escape the awful pain the music was causing him. Surviving the fall, Alex is in the hospital with most of his body broken and is no conciouse for a s week. When Alex wakes up and gains some strength he realizes that he is able to think of violence with out getting ill like he use to. He questions a nurse and finds out that he was cured of Ludvico's technique from a couple of doctors. With Alex back to him old self, he has a new gang and is back where the story began. Starting to terrorize the streets with his new droogs, Alex begins to not feel like him self and leaves his gang for the night. He runs into one of his old droogs, Pete who is now married and has completley changed his life around. Alex thinks about being married with a son and enjoys that thought because he realizes he is growing up. The setting is in a city during the twentieth century, and is where Alex and his gang cause trouble. A good part of the book Alex is in jail so the other major setting is Staja (State Jail). I was able to connect A Clockwork Orange with The Knights Tale In the Canterbury Tales. In both, the main character does horrible thing and is then made the victim. Alex went around raping and stealing, and then get pity from everyone after they see what has happend to him. The knight like Alex rapes a woman in the beggining but then also gets pitty by the end. Foreshadowing "night is still very young"(Burgess 13). Saying this, Alex hints that there will be much more violence before the nights over. Symbolism Being a bad kid, Alex likes the night time and darkness because he feels more comfortable. So light and daytime represents danger for Alex. He mentions that there are many more policemen out patrolling during the day than at night. I think the main theme was people being able to make their own choices. Alex chose to be a very violent person by stealing, beating people and raping them. When the Government steals him of being able to do that, Alex cant make his own decision. I think Burgess really believed that people should be able to make their own choices. "I take it up now, and this is the real weepy and like tragic part of the story beginning, my brothers and only friends, in Staja" (Burgess 75). "She died, you see. She was brutally raped and beaten. The shock was very great"(Burgess 154). "Open the window to fresh air, fresh ideas, a new way of living. And so I knew that was like telling me to finish it all off by jumping out"(Burgess 164). "Stop it, stop it, stop it, I kept creeching out. Turn it off" (Burgess 111). I felt the story was hard to follow because of the Nadsat but was still a good story. I liked how it was very graphic and violent and described everythign well. Anthony Burgess
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