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Water for Elephants

No description

Tori Mangino

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants Aspects of Fiction Professional Reviews Author Biography Film Information Group Review Tori Mangino, Ashley DuBois, Tivoli Mustaca Sara Gruen She has a husband and three sons. She also has four cats, two goats,
two dogs, and a horse! Small fun fact is she has duel citizenship in Canada and the USA She absolutely loves the animals The first two books she wrote were about horses, the third was Water for Elephants and the latest is about apes. Sara has received countless awards for most popular book and for writing a fun and fearless fiction most of them awarded in 2007. Sara mentions in an interview that the characters are based on really people and animals and when she started this book she was not expecting that. But through her research she found it was easy to fill the book with real life stories instead of her imagination. 1) Marlena, Jacob, and August drink Champagne at the speakeasy, they drink from fluted glasses, but saucer glasses were more commonly used in 1931. 2) The Empire State Building can be seen in the NYC sky line with a TV tower but the tower wasn't added to the building until 1951 Marlena was played by Reese Witherspoon
Jacob is played by Robert Pattinson
August is played by Christopher Waltz 3) Double yellow center lines were not used on most roads in the United States until 1971. Who tried out for the role of Jacob?
Channing Tatum
Kyle Gallner
Anthony Fitzgerald
Andrew Garfield
Emile Hirsch Both reviews are overall positive. However, Publishers Weekly says the book is cliche with a predictable ending. They say the book is filled with suspense and is a page-turner. Old Jacob Young Jacob Marlena Author Released: April 22, 2011
Director: Francis Lawrence
Budget: 38, 000, 000
Opening weekend: 16, 842, 353
Rated: PG 13
Length: 120 Minutes
Type: Drama and romance Tori Mangino: I would rate the book on a scale of one to five a four. I absolutely loved the way it is written when it flashed back and forth between young and old but always keeps the plot easy to follow for the reader. It also addressed very real topics that are issues even still in today's world. Ashley DuBois: I thought that this book was written very well and that it was overall a good book. I liked that even though the main story took place in the past it showed how Jacob was in the future. Even though the ending of the main storyline was cliche, I'd give the book a four out of five stars. Jacobs Flashbacks:
Coming upon a circus going up
near his nursing home, Jacob
begins to ponder how he came
to find his love and the sequence
of events surrounding his life. He struggles with the series of
unsettling events of his life.
Jacob was able to win in the end, when
he ran away from the nursing home to
join the circus.
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