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Sophie Smiros

on 26 January 2014

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All risks and complications are explained in great depth by the surgeon and a consent form is signed to ensure the patient understands this.

Risks and complications include:

Anaesthetic risks
Nerve dysfunction
Skin necrosis

Like any procedure facelift surgery has some degree of risk that comes with it and it is extremely important that patients ask as many questions as possible. (American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2013)

The face is bandaged for 48-72 hours to reduce swelling or bruising.

The tube inserted behind each ear to drain excess blood is removed when the bandages are changed for the first time.

After 1 week the stitches are removed.

The face will be swollen and the skin will be tender.


The most common local and adverse reactions associated with silicone gel filled and saline filled breast implants are:

capsular contracture / hardening of the breast area around the implants
breast sagging / ptosis
calcium build up
difficulties breast feeding
deflation of implant disposition

These are only a small number of the many complications that can occur in about 1% or more of patients.

Breast implants are not built to last forever and at some point the implants need to be removed or replaced. As the age of the implant increases so does the chance complications. (FDA 2014)


Recovery time varies from person to person and some patients experience pain up to 1 month following surgery.

Patients are required to rest in a semi upright position which provides comfort and minimises swelling.

After the surgery patients require a number of post-operative appointments with the surgeon to ensure that the recovery is going well.

Things like:

getting the wound wet;
sleeping facedown;
heavy lifting; and

need to be avoided for one to four weeks post-surgery.

Some surgeons suggest wearing a tight fitting sports bra for up to three months following surgery. (NHS Choices 2012)

In Australia breast augmentation costs anywhere between $10,000 and $15,000 and includes:

surgeon fees - $6,500;
anaesthetist fees - $1,000;
hospital costs - $1,500;
implants - $950; plus
ongoing check-ups - $250 per visit. (Costhetics 2014)

When liposuction is performed by an experienced surgeon it is usually safe. Liposuction is not free of risk and the complications include:

Nerve damage
Blood clots
Allergic reaction

Factors like age of the patient and doctor's experience can affect the results of liposuction.

Other factors which can increase the risk of complications are:

Severe heart / lung disease
Poor blood circulation
Prior liposuction of same area

(Forsyth & Farrell 2014)


Facelift costs vary depending on:

type of facelift
degree of work to be performed
the surgeon
whether surgery is performed in a private hospital

Costs and inclusions for surgery performed in Australia:
Short Scar Facelift - $6,000 to $11,900
Full Facelift & Necklift - $10,000 to $16,900
Total Facelift - $20,000 to $29,900

surgeon’s fees
assistant surgeon’s fees
anaesthetist’s fees
hospital costs
follow up visits
In Europe a full facelift can range anywhere from $2,000 to $18,000, depending in which country the procedure is performed i.e. in Turkey surgery costs between $6,000 to $8,000 and in Switzerland surgery costs $18,000.

These costs include airport transfers, 6-10 nights' accommodation and 1 night stay in the hospital. (King 2014)
The cost of having the surgery in Thailand differs immensely.

Breast augmentation prices can start as low as $2,000 through to $10,000 which includes 1 night in hospital, 8 nights’ accommodation for 1-2 people and other service and admin fees. (Skinner 2010)

Recovery times are different depending on which area of the body the surgery is performed. In most cases, special tight garments will need to be worn to keep the area of the operated skin compressed.

This will help to control any swelling and also to compress the skin to the new contours of the body.

The surgeon may also recommend painkillers as once the anaesthesia has worn off the area may become painful. There may also be the need to place small temporary drains where the incision was made to remove any excess blood or fluid. (American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2013)

The cost of getting liposuction has many varying factors, as it can be performed on nearly every part of the body where fat exists and there are different technologies to remove it.

The more fat you have that needs to be removed, the longer the surgery, and therefore the higher the cost. The costs can range between $3,300 and $4,400 which includes theatre and anaesthesia costs. (Cosmos Clinic 2014)

Once again, the prices vary dramatically when the procedure is performed in Thailand with costs ranging from $411 to $4,011. These costs include 1 night hospital stay, theatre costs and anaesthesia fees. (King 2014)
Even though there are many risks and complications when undergoing cosmetic surgery......
People just want to look beautiful.....
and statistics show that most cosmetic procedures are on the rise each year

Demanding activities should be avoided for 2 weeks.

Scars are visible but are concealed in the natural creases of the face or by the hair.

Healing is slow and the end result could take months to be noticeable.

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