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Tesla Coil

No description

Ryan Woodruff

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Tesla Coil

Tesla Coil
Main Description
The Tesla Coil was invented by Nikola Tesla.It is a high-frequency air-core transformer.The Tesla Coil can maintain up to 1,000,000 volts of electricity.
Positive Impacts of the Tesla Coil.
Negative Repercussions
There are several negative repercussions of the invention of the Tesla Coil,such as abuse of the machine and medical issues.
Unexpected Results of the Tesla Coil's Invention.
There were many unexpected results,such as new inventions using some of the same design or perhaps utulizing the Tesla Coil's power capabilities.
Why did Nikola make a Tesla Coil
Tesla made his magnificent Coil for one extremely particular reason.
Interesting Tid-Bits
It is possible to make music with Tesla Coils.
Tesla Coils are sometimes used in Movie's if you've never seen them before.
Positive #2
Tesla Coils are used to conduct and create electricity.
There are several positive impacts of Tesla Coils.
Positive #3
Tesla Coils can give off amazing energy signatures such as plasma.
Positive #4
Tesla Coils are different in the fact that they create an immense electrical field.
The Skin effect.
Tesla coils sometimes conduct electricity off of the human hairs and skin,this can lead to death.
Negative #2
Sometimes people meaningly abuse Tesla Coils.For example, trying to shoot electricity at a man or woman, or trying to electrify a pool.
Negative #3
Tesla Coils could and in the near future might be weaponized to hurt or stun people.Some shows (Warehouse 13) do this already.
Tesla Coils are used in videogames(mostly weaponized)However in real life Tesla Coils are not weapons.
Tid Bits
Result #2
Another unexpected result is that because AC was transmitted by Tesla Coils. Most of the everyday items in our home work.
Result #3
The Tesla coil is actually a more early version of a modern device called a flyback transformer (No it's not BumbleBee shooting lightning) A Flyback Transformer looks a bit like this.
Result #1
In 2007 ArcAttack modified a Tesla Coil and enabled it to make music,Currently they are the only band on Earth that use Tesla Coils instrumently,Despite the film Sorcerer's Apprentice which was actually just electronically modified music.
Positive #1
Sound Familiar? Performed by ArcAttack
Fake Tesla Coil music and a rudimentary explanation of how Tesla Coil music is Made.
See the difference between the two songs?Which sounds real?
By: Ryan M. Woodruff
Some large Tesla Coils can light up flourescent lights up to 50 feet away.
Tesla was exploring high-frequency electricity
phenenoma and needed a way to go beyond the
limitations of an Iron Coil transformer
to generate larger frequencies of
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