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Who should I vote for?

Are all political parties the same? What makes them different?

Damian Clark

on 27 November 2010

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Transcript of Who should I vote for?

Conservatives Labour Authoritarian As of 2009, it has more councillors in local government, British members of the European Parliament and members of the London Assembly than any other party. The "Opposition" party David Cameron has frequently called the UK a "broken society" CENTRE Liberalism Conservatism Socialism Communism Fascism RIGHT LEFT Liberal
Democrats Leader: Nick Clegg Those who support the present state of affairs Those who want change in a backward direction - to go back to the "good old days" Those who want to change in order to create
a better, more fair and just society Extreme Left: Extreme Right: Leader:
Gordon Brown Leader: David Cameron The rule of law is important Tradition is important It is a strong society that should
sort out Britain's problems -
not just government Save money: scrap Trident
nuclear weapons The second opposition party The Lib Dems are the third-largest party in the House of Commons, behind the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. There are 63 Lib Dem Members of Parliament the Liberal Democrats want to change how we elect MP's and reform the House of Lords. They oppose British participation in the War in Iraq and support the withdrawal of troops from the country The party has strong environmentalist values—favouring renewable energy and commitments to deeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions Conservatives The Labour governement established the national minimum wage This government devolved power to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the re-created a city-wide government body for London, the Greater London Authority, with its own elected-mayor. The Iraq war was unpopular with British people and governments around the world Tony Blair won the 1997 election saying that his top priority was "education, education, education..."
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