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Suzy Corson

on 12 July 2018

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Transcript of https://youtu.be/TYTn6G7iSI4

Oyster Castles
Where Will They Go?
Oyster castles would be best near the shoreline where the water isn’t too deep. They would need to be above the water at low tide and under water at high tide. They will be near the shoe to protect it as well. Oyster castles will slow down and weaken the wave before they reach the shoreline. This will help prevent some eroding.
What are they?
Oyster castles are large box shaped pieces of stone. When you put them together they connect a little like legos. They allow oysters to grow on the side of it. These castles can either be stacked on top of one another or flipped upside down for every other level. There are other types of oyster castles too. Some are a round, dome shape with circular holes and tunnels in it. There are many designs but the lego type stack together while the other type doesn’t. Also, they not only allow oysters to grow but they also allow a good habitat for the animals that live there.

Why Are They Needed?
Oyster populations have declined incredibly in the chesapeake bay. Without the oysters the water becomes dirty and there is less habitat for the animals that live near them. With the design for oyster castles it allows holes so that the fish and other creatures have a place to hide as well as giving a lot more space for the oysters to live on. They are also needed because dropping old oyster shells in large amounts in the bay is not enough to bring the oyster population back to how it was. There aren’t enough shells for this. Oyster castles will also help the shoreline from eroding, taking most of the force of the waves before it reaches the shore.
Oyster castles can be made of concrete. Another idea for this is also porcelain. Porcelain has a rough surface when is isn’t polished so it is easy for an oyster to attach to, like concrete. Oyster castles that are made of only cement can be about five dollars and fifty two cents each.
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