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Ron Gutman : The hidden power of smiling :)

No description

Dylan Lovering

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Ron Gutman : The hidden power of smiling :)

Smiling and Leadership
It helps others relax

It draws people to you

It enables you to connect

It creates a positive culture
In Conclusion...
It is important for leaders to smile
Smiles are innate, not learned
Know when it is the right time to smile across cultures
Always strive to make people smile first and foremost
Happiness is what everyone strives for
Meaning of life?
Everybody smiles, proof:
Smiling is Good For You
Basic, natural biological occurrence

Smiles are contagious

Stimulates our brain reward mechanism

Reduces stress inducing hormones

Increases mood-enhancing hormones,

Reduces overall blood pressure

Start with a SMILE
How were you feeling before watching?

How did this video effect you?
Smiling Around
the World
France- Sexual, Psychotic
Ron Gutman :
The hidden power of smiling :)

Japan- Taught to suppress but adapt
Russia- Not the norm, foolish
Thailand- Loves to smile
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