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No description

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Umbrella

Umbrella L.L.C. CEO: Kalvin Luo
COO: Henry Cho
CFO: Matthew Lock
CTO: Nathan Lee -Data Backup
-Prevent Data Loss
-Ability to Restore Entire System 5-Year Goals - Attract the business of at least three Fortune 500 companies and provide the software and backup service to them.
- Obtain and keep positive customer feedback.
- Break-even within the first five years and start making profits.
- Spread awareness and provide our service to companies from all over the world. Keys to Success - Build up the brand so users will trust Umbrella LLC with their data and files to be kept safe and private.
- Widen our awareness so people will know that we exist, and that this service actually does exist.
- Adapt our facilities so that we can cater to the always-growing world of data backup and increasing customer pool. Umbrella LLC’s mission is to protect the world from any unintended data loss by backing up entire systems at an affordable price and at the same time make the backup process easy for both experienced and first-time users. Market - Potential market
- Businesses are finding more competition
- Little Malfunctions Huge Losses Umbrella LLC - Backup Entire System
- Our Location
- Primary Target: Business
- Also Available to Individuals Industry and Competition - Google drive by Google. Collaborative editing
- Nirvanix. 3 Types of storage:
-Public, Private, Hybrid.
- Apple iCloud. Syncs all data for iOS devices Competition Umbrella LLC Pros - Collaborative editing
- Cloud
- Privacy settings
- Works on all platforms
- Backs up entire system Products - Program that works on Windows,
Mac, and Linux.
- Program backs up entire database
from computer.
- Storage space Program for Today - Market
- Industry and Competition
- Our Product and Service
- Marketing and Sales
- Operations
- Action Plan
- Funds/Uses Service - Backup whole computer system
- Extra space for purchase
- Customer service
- Cloud syncing service Marketing and Sales Target market:
- Windows and Mac users of businesses
- Personal use
- $.50/month/GB
- $.45/month/GB (If prepaid by year)
- Referrals of our product will earn more storage space
- Software
- Provided on our website and downloaded Operations What we do:
- Provide a software that allow users to store their databases onto our reliable servers
- Self-updating and fast software
- Provide IT team(s) to fix any problems with software and or storage centers
- Customer service 24/7
- Add or remove data space
- Advertise to smaller users through internet
How we do it:
- Large storage centers
- Program software capable of transferring large amounts of data
- Develop a secure, reliable server - Referral technique to gain more users Action Plan - Gather all resources
- Management training
- Choosing a location
- Investments
- Vendors
- Marketing Campaign Funds/Uses - Software developers
- Storage space
- Building space
- Marketing We'll make your rainy days sunny! Financial Forecast 2012-2017
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