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Research Project

No description

Kayu Tse

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of Research Project

Table of Contents
Statements of problem
Focusing at Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

The hotel is suffering from
very intense competition
on its international market.

Due to so many new operating hotels are trying to turn into this competitive industry but also a problem which other hotel are having five star hotel chain operations.

Customer demands and expectations are altering in today’s world
focus in cost reductions in driving hotel product, and keeping customers at the least priority.
In fact the customers should not be ignored. Consider the customers needs or even reaching beyond these.
The focus of success in an organization’s ability is to satisfy customers and gain a competitive edge

Customers satisfaction
Quality of service and customer satisfaction is critical factors for success of any business (Gronoos, 1990; Parasuraman et al., 1988)

Business philosophy which tends to the creation of value for customers anticipating and managing their expectations, and demonstrating ability and responsibility to satisfy their needs.

Tse Ka Yu
Research Project
Statement of the Problem

Aim and Objectives
Review of Related Literature
Customer Satisfaction
Customer loyalty

Secondary Research
Primary research
Data Validity and Reliability

Service quality has been defined as how well a customer’s needs are met, and how well the service delivered meets the customer’s expectations (Lewis and Booms, 1983).
It describes a comparison of a customer's expectations as it relates to a company's performance.

From a consumer’s point of view, customer service is considered very much part of the product.
Guest Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry:
A Case study of Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in 2014

Aim and Objectives
Literature review

The main basic concepts and definitions:
services quality,
customer care,
customer loyalty,
customer satisfaction
Statements of problem
One of the most important organizations in the field of hospitality industry.

The global hospitality industry has matured and grown to extent
It has evolved into a highly competitive environment, which operates in a cultural diverse range of markets.

Company Background
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is selected for the case study located in the International Finance Centre complex in Central, Hong Kong
Completed and opened in September 2005.
45-stores building with 399 rooms,
which 54 are suites and 519 residential units, as part of the Four Seasons Place

Company Background
It offers an ideal to illustrate the importance of customer satisfaction.
To illustrate the importance of customer satisfaction
How it influences can impact upon customers’ satisfaction in the hospitality market.
Benefits of customer care
The aim of this section is:
To present literature relevant to this research
To provide a theoretical framework
Customer Satisfaction
Levy (2009) in his studies, suggested three ways of measuring customer satisfaction:

A survey where customer feedback can be transformed into measurable quantitative data.
Focus group or informal where discussions orchestrated by a trained moderator reveal what customers think.
Informal measures like reading blocs, talking directly to customers.

The main aims of this research are to:
analyze the importance of customer satisfaction on hotel services
encourage repeat customers and a good mouth recommendation to secure future business
The level of customer satisfaction on overall services

Satisfaction rate of customer services in each departments

15% rate of customer retention
10% of market share and profits

Identify and suggest the guidelines in improving hotel services
Following objectives
The GAPS model positions the key concepts, strategies, and decision in service marketing in correct perspective.

The most important is the Customer Gap, which is the difference between Customer Expectations and Customer Perceptions
Service Quality
The GAP Model
Customer Perceived
Customer Expected Service
Customer expectations are standards or reference points that customers bring into the service experience.

Customer perceptions are subjective assessments of actual service experience.

Closing the gap between what customers expect and what they perceive is critical to delivering quality service
This customer gap lead to the following situations:
1. Lost customers
2. Bad reputation
3. Negatively confirmed quality
4. Negative corporate or local image.
Turn this negativity to positive results in the process of bridging the gap by making perceived quality greater than the expected quality
Customer satisfaction (CS) = Perceptions (P) = Expectations (E)
maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty
Management has become a strategic necessity for companies in almost every business sector. Companies and organizations are moving closer to their customers, spending more effort in finding new ways to create value for their customers and changing the customer relationship onto one of solution finding and partnering rather than on of selling and order taking.

Customer care was defined by Kotler (1998) as a service that one can offer to another which is essentially intangible and does not result in the ownership of anything but brings about customer delight and satisfaction.
This hospitality industry is constantly undergoing change, so that customer care service must be kept constantly updated as well.
At this section presents the detailed plan of how the study will be conducted also outline and explain the research techniques used to achieve the overall objectives
The methods of secondary and primary research selected will be analyzed and outlined as well as used questionnaires as a tool to get responses from the subjects.
prepare 100 questionnaire to investigate the customers especially after customers walk out the hotel or who stay at the lobby.
The aim of this survey use to collect customers information and comment after using hotel facility.

According to Finn et al (2000:21), ‘Questionnaire methods also provide the means together and record simple information on the incidence of attitudes, meanings and perception among the population as a whole’.
Data Validity and Reliability
There are mainly two concepts that we use to understand the usefulness of the data.

Validity is concerned with the extent to which the research findings accurately represents what is happening.

Reliability is concerned with the findings of the research. The findings can be said to be reliable if anyone else repeated the research and obtained the same results.
The GAP model
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