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The Greedy 1800's

No description

Rose Wahlmeier

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of The Greedy 1800's

Lewis and Clark Return
U.S. Begins to flex their Muscles/Monroe Doctrine is Adopted
In a very bold foreign policy move President James Monroe has sent out what is being called the "Monroe Doctrine" to nations around the world.
The Doctrine is very short and rather simple. With the U.S. fresh off a victory over Great Britain in the War of 1812, the President has decided to let the world know that the western hemisphere will be controlled and protected by the United States. All other nations will avoid any involvement or activity in the Americans (north and south) that could disrupt the United States government. In other words, Europe is to stay out of our affairs and we will stay out of the affairs of Europe, Asia, and Africa.
This is a bold step for the United States. It is not yet known what other nations in this hemisphere feel about the U.S. granting themselves so much power in this part of the world. Could it be too much for the United States to handle????
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The United States Doubles in Size
Alamo Falls but Texas Gains Independence
In a daring move, the results will not be known for years, the United States government under the direction of
Thomas Jefferson
double in size today.
The increase of America's borders came about because of the purchase of the lands west of the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. These lands did belong to
, but an agreement between Napoleon
and the United States government allowed the U.S. to purchase this massive tract of land for a mere $15 million.
This was a very controversial decision for the young nation as millions of acres of wilderness will now require immediate attention and protection. Very little about the land is known and some fear that the $15 million, of which nearly all was borrowed, could be totally wasted.
President Jefferson, upon hearing of the congressional approval of the purchase, immediately hired Meriwether
and William
to map out the Northern part of the Territory and Zebulon
to map out the Southern parts of the new lands.
Sam Houston's small band of Texans have done what many felt was impossible as Houston led troops to victory over the powerful Mexican armies of Santa Anna.
Texans for years had wanted to gain their independence from Mexico. The Mexican government had become very strict under Santa Anna and would not allow the Texans any autonomy (self-rule). The Mexicans wanted those who settle there to give up their slaves, speak the Spanish language, and practice Catholicism. Many settlers in Texas felt this was too much to ask and began to take military measures to gain independence.
The first major battle of Texas took place at a small missionary in San Antonio known as The Alamo. Here 187 Texans, including Davey Crockett and Sam Bowie, tried to hold off more than 5,000 of Santa Anna's Mexican forces. After two weeks of fighting the Americans were overrun and killed.
The rallying cry for Texans quickly became "Remember the Alamo." Six weeks later the Texans, led by Sam Houston, struck back and achieved victory over Santa Anna. Houston became the leader of the Republic of Texas. President Polk, in 1845, was able to get Texas to join the union as the 28th state.
The Greedy 1800's
Weathered, worn, and exhausted, but still healthy, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark have returned to Washington, D.C. to discuss their adventures and discoveries with President Thomas Jefferson. The President is anxious to get the scoop on this tract of land purchased from France two years earlier.
The most important part of the conversation dealt with the fact that they were NOT able to find a water route that one can travel from the east coast to the west coast. This no doubt is a major disappointment to Jefferson. The expedition did find hundreds of Indian tribes, massive fields of prairie grass, millions of head of wild game, especially buffalo and a gigantic system of mountains stretching from Canada to Mexico. They also added there are huge areas suitable for farming and there is bound to be a vast wealth of minerals.
It is believed that Jefferson will soon allow immigration into the new lands but is fearful of the Indian situation as the expedition did warn of possible hostilities if too many white men head west. The government might not be able to protect them.
The War nobody wanted came to an End
This is one of the U.S. ships that was overtaken by the British.
This is a map showing Lewis and Clarks path.
This shows the area we purchased during the Louisiana purchase.
This is a photograph of the Monroe Doctrine.
A photograph showing the cruelty of this battle.
Jackson Orders Removal of Eastern Indian Tribes
Even though Andrew Jackson is no longer in office today his plans of removing the Native American tribes of the east came true as the Indian Removal Act of 1830 was enacted. The last of the Cherokee have left Georgia and headed for Indian Territory in the area known as Oklahoma. They have been placed in groups of about 1000 and sent off on foot for the 800 mile journey. It is being reported that about 25% of those being relocated are dying on the trip.
Jackson, an Indian fighter, made the decision based on three choices. He felt it would be impossible for the Indians to adopt the ways of the white man and remain in the states of the south east. He did not want to completely wipe out the populations so he chose relocation.
In all five major southern tribes are affected by Jackson's legislation. They are the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, and Creek. These tribes are being moved to Indian Territory in the area of Oklahoma.
In the Kansas territory, the more northern tribes of the Chippewa, the Pottawatomie, the Shawnee, and the Miami are being relocated.
The main justification given by Jackson for the removal program are as follows: The cultures of the white man and Indians would never be able to blend together and coexist in the same areas which would lead to dangerous circumstances. Unfortunately, several thousand Indians have already died during the relocation from disease and starvation.
An Indian family is being relocated by white men.
Manifest Destiny Turns to Gold
Wagon trains by the hundreds and settlers by the thousands are leaving starting places such as St. Joseph, Missouri and heading west to the lands of California after news that gold has been discovered.
This massive migration west is closing a chapter in American history as the entire continent is now populated with white people. During this era of expansion the lands of the Louisiana Territory, Oregon, Washington , California, Utah, New Mexico and Texas were either gained through war or they were purchased.
It has become a common belief among Americans that the whites are destined to dominate the lands of the continent between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The huge number of Wagon Trains heading west will only perpetuate this belief.
For each land acquisition this country has faced some serious moral questions with the most controversial one being the issue of slavery. As expansion continues the heated debate over whether slavery will be allowed in the west or not continues to intensify.
People known as abolitionist have been trying for years to decrease and discourage the spread of slavery across the new states and territories of this expanding nation, while pro-slavery forces are working their hardest to counteract the efforts of the abolitionist. Armed clashes have occurred and you can bet there will be more violence in the future over the issue of slavery.
Men are digging for gold in California.
This map shows the area we bought during the Louisiana Purchase along with the route of Lewis and Clark and Zebulon Pike.
This map shows the Santa Fe, Mormon, Oregon, Old Spanish, and the California Trails.
This is a map of the trails indians took when removed from their land.
Talk about a massacre!! British troops were slaughtered by an American force that suffered very few casualties at the Battle of New Orleans earlier this week. This massacre brings an end to a war that is now simply being called the "War of 1812."
This war between Great Britain and the United States took two years to fight but it was a war that neither side really wanted. It basically started because the British had been stopping U.S. ships on the high seas and kidnapping American sailors and forcing them to join the British Navy. This is known as Impressments. James Madison quickly became fed up with these British actions and with a little push from some "Warhawk" Senators decided to attack and fight the British once again.
Britain did not really want the war because it had no real interest in trying to retake the former colonies and try to govern them again. They tried to bring a quick end to the war by capturing Washington D.C. and torching the White House. They were successful at both of these goals but it was not enough to cause the downfall of the United States.
Americans refused to give up and fought Britain until both sides were ready for peace. A treaty was actually signed (Ghent), but by the time the news arrived in the U.S. the Battle of New Orleans had already taken place. The United States, led by war hero Andrew Jackson, had annihilated the British and forced them to surrender after a battle that really did not even need to take place. The British were defeated and forced to leave the New World for a second time.
Manifest Destiny Essay
1. Define Manifest Destiny
2. Louisiana Purchase
A. Napoleon
B. France
3. Lewis/Clark/Pike
4. War of 1812
A. Impressment
5. Monroe Doctrine
6. Trail of Tears
A. Kansas
B. Oklahoma
7. Texas
A. Mexico
B. Alamo
8. Mexican/American War 1848
A. California
9. Gold Rush
10. Wagon Trains
A. Trails
11. Slavery Issue
*Spelling and good paragraphs
*Make sure to mix in the people

Zebulon Pike 01.05.1779-04.17.1813

Explored the central and southern part of the Louisiana Territory.

Zebulon Pike was a U.S. Army officer. He led a party to explore the American Southwest; they went through Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and then to New Mexico. He was arrested for being in Spanish territory but later released at the border of the Louisiana purchase territory.
Meriwether Lewis 08.18.1774-10.11.1809
William Clark 08.01.1770-09.01.1838

Explored the northern part of the Louisiana Territory on a trip that took over two years to find a passage from east to west.
They were both American explorer. They began their expedition near St. Louis, they found Sacagawea. She helped them get horses later in the journey. Once they reached the pacific they camped for winter in Oregon. Then they split up and tried to find faster ways back to St. Louis, they met back up at the Missouri river and went back home.
Thomas Jefferson 04.13.1743-06.04.1825
Went to France to purchase New Orleans and ended up buying the entire Louisiana Territory for $15 million.
He was the third U.S. President. The Louisiana Territory was 820,000 square miles.
Napoleon Bonaparte 08.15.1769-05.05.1821
Struggling for money agreed to sell the U.S. the Louisiana Territory that doubled our size.
He was a French Military leader. He sold for $15 million for all 820,000 square feet.
Francis Scott Key 08.01.1779-01.11.1843
Wrote the "Star Spangled Banner" during the War of 1812.
He was a poetic writer and a U.S. attorney. He went to go get his friend Beans out of hostage, but they weren't allowed to leave till after the bombarding of Baltimore.
Andrew Jackson 03.15.1767-06.08.1845
War hero in the War of 1812 at the Battle of New Orleans. He also is responsible for the Trail of tears and the Indian Removal Act.
He was a U.S. President and a Major General for the War of 1812.
Davy Crockett 08.17.1786-03.08.1836
Tennessee folk hero that was killed at the Alamo.
He was a congressman from Tennessee. He moved to Texas after he was defeated for the second time as congressman. As he was looking for land to settle on, the Alamo happened.
Santa Anna 02.21.1794
Mexican general that attacked Alamo.
He ordered the slaughter of 300 Texans after they surrendered in the battle of the Alamo. He was captured and was forced to sign a treaty state Texas' independence from Mexico at the Battle of San Jacinto.
Sam Houston 03.02.1793-07-26-1863
Led the Texans to victory over Mexico and became the President of Texas.
He actually was trying to stop warfare from Indians. General Houston surprised the Mexicans at the Jacinto River. This is where Texas earned their independence from Mexico.
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