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History Of Gameboys

DV2203 Project.

Ashburn Tan Yuxuan

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of History Of Gameboys

History of Gameboys Done By: Ashburn Tan
M10206 The first ever gameboy was released in 1989 by Nintendo. The First-ever gameboy looked like this >>> Then it changed for the better, colour schemes! In 1995, Nintendo released the gameboys
with different coloured cases, advertised
in the "Play It LOUD" Campaign One of which was the Manchester
United themed gameboy, red in colour -----------> In 1996, Nintendo released the new version of gameboy,
Gameboy Pocket. It is smaller, lighter and requires less
batteries. A model much better than the original gameboy. Here is a yellow coloured gameboy pocket Currently considered one of the rarest gameboy
is the gameboy light, released in 1998. It provides
special lighting functions then allows you to play
under low light conditions. This is one of them Finally, the gameboy colour was designed
and released in 1998, shortly after the gameboy
light. It is the first gameboy to have a colour
screen and it has better processor speed and
memory. This is one of the gameboy colours
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