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Maximum ride: The Final Warning

No description

Skylar Beachy

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Maximum ride: The Final Warning

The Flock vs. The Uber Director- The Uber Director wants to capture the flock and sell them to other countries. The setting is Antarctica on a submarine. Antarctica is the coldest, driest, windiest, and most isolated continent on Earth. Point of view: First person and third person omniscient Rating I give this book a 10/10 because it was full of action and mystery and made me want to keep reading Max: Maximum Ride: The Final Warning Conflict Setting Characters By: James Patterson Plot Max and the flock go to Antarctica to help a group of scientists do research on the animals there and the results of global warming. While they are there Gozen is trying to capture them and take them back to his boss, the Uber Director, so he can sell them to other countries as weapons. Dynamic-becomes stronger
throughout the book after saving
Angel and being captured Static-Stayed Max's best friend
stays supportive of the flock and
is always helping the flock stay out
of trouble Static- stayed the same person he was from
the beginning of the the book to the end Static-Stayed the same talkative girl that
she was in the beginning Dynamic- becomes stronger after helping save Angel Dynamic- she develops more skills, and becomes stronger Presented By: Skylar Beachy Theme Never give up, The flock has faced
many challenges but they have always
found a way past them, and have never
given up when trying to reach their goal or when completing their mission Symbol: Thermometer - symbolizes global warming Fang: Iggy: Nudge: Gazzy: Angel: Gozen:Static- He is The Uber directors assistant and stays loyal to him throughout the book The Uber Director: Static- His goal from beginning to end is to capture the flock
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