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Medicines in London 1800-1870

Presentation for Mrs.Hammets.On the Mediine and Medical tools of this era

Sydney Alegria

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Medicines in London 1800-1870

Medicines In London From 1800-1870.
The medical field. In this time period many remidies were
popular. Most people didnt believe the use of drugs were correctly studied. So many people were skeptical. Remedies Explained: This time period caused more people to become interested in the medical profession The Medical Feild . The medical enviorment was very
dark and unwelcoming. Soon doctors
noticed how uncomfortable and restless
the paitents were.
Then they changed hospitals to be
more house like. Also the nurses
became more accomadated to patients.
Wich helped the patients relax. Medical Inviorment One theory that was created was the germ theory.This was the theory of how germs were spread through tiny microbes also known as bacteria. Theories and Cures Soon people realized that medicine can help more than remidies usually could. This changed the medical feild drastically. The new diseases spawned doctors to find cures. The Nurses and doctors became very hard working trying to expand the world of medicine. One cure was that the deadly drug known as cocaine could cure toothaces in an instant By: Sydney Alegria
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