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FBLA Business Etiquette

No description

ShainaSydney GrigeryVinyard

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of FBLA Business Etiquette

Sydney Vinyard & Shaina Grigery Business Etiquette Introduction Etiquette Dress Attire What you wear to an interview can really be
a key factor to whether or not your will
receive the job. Charisma Fluency Attitude Confidence Focus Speak declaritively Approachable
Bubbly Eye contact
Tone of voice Good conversation skills
Don’t stray off topic THANK
YOU Interns who are preparing for an interview at a business luncheon must be skilled in proper dinner etiquette and charisma. Fluency, confidence, attitude, and focus are major key factors when trying to make a great first impression. Pre-Dinner Sitting Down Eating Ordering Paying the Bill Arrive on time
Call ahead if you know you will be late Things you bring with you
Napkin folding
Wait for all parties When in doubt, follow the lead of the host
Do not order the most expensive item
Place a simple order
Avoid hard-to-eat foods American style
Cooling soup
Spoon your soup away from you
Undesirable food in your mouth
Problems with meal How will the bill be paid?
Make sure the bill is accurate
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