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Weather Forecast

No description

Sonia Rodriguez

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Weather Forecast

By: Sonia Rodriguez and Texa Olivares Asheville Weather Forecast Sky Conditions October 16 in Asheville North Carolina the skies are clear. Surface Map October 16 It is mostly clear skies. But there is a front to the eastern part of North Carolina and to the south western part in Texas. IR (infrared satellite) October 16 This visible shows clouds and pretty much anything you could see in sun light so right now we have clear skies. Visible satellite October 16 There is a high weather pressure near the area.
Air Mass: mT Wednesday October 17 2012 For day 2 there are also clear skies. 500 MB chart October 17 Wednesday October 17 surface map IR (infrared satelite) Visible October 17 500 MB chart October 17 Temp: 66
Due Point: 39 .
Wind: 5 knots coming from the south. There is still a high air pressure near the area.
Air Mass: mT
Wind: 5 knot coming from the west
Cloud cover: clear
Temp: 45
Due point: 43 There is still clear skies but more clouds are approaching the area. There are troughs in the east cost and in the northwest region. There is also a ridge in the central part of the united states. Day three October 18 Day three surface map October 18 IR ( Infrared satelite)
October 18 Visible October 18 500 MB chart For day three there are stratus clouds and it looks like a 100 percent cloud cover. Temp: 52
Due Point: 50
Cloud Cover: 100%
Wind: 5 knots from the east
Air Mass: mT For Asheville the skies are cloudy but there really isn't precipitation. In the visible it picks up more clouds in the area and it looks like there are high clouds. There is a trough in the center of the united states there is also a low pressure system near the north east, and a ridge in the west. There is now a trough toward the center of the united states. there is also a ridge in the eastern part of the united states. Day 4
October 19 Day 4 surface map
October 19 IR (Infrared satelite) Visible
October 19 500 MB chart October 19 For Friday October 19 the skies look clear. Temp:52
Due point:52
Cloud cover: 87.5%
Wind: less than 5 knots from the west
Air Mass: cP For Friday the skies are clear there is a low air pressure in the north east. For the visible it also looks like clear skies. Day one Radar Day Two Radar Day Three Radar Day Four Radar Prediction for day 2 Our prediction for day 2 is that it will be sunny and clear skies. Prediction for day 3 Our prediction for day 3 is that it will probably be cloudy considering the clouds moving more toward the west of North Carolina. Prediction for day 4 Our prediction for day 4 is that it will probably still be cloudy. There is still a low pressure system and a ridge in the west. In the visible there are not much clouds either meaning no precipitation. In Asheville it will probably be clear. For day two it is also clear. In Tennessee it looks like there will be a chance of rain. For day 4 it looks like it is also clear skies.
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