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Qassim University

No description

ashwaq alharbi

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Qassim University

Qassim University College of Computer
Faculty of Information Technology
Qassim – Saudi Arabia

Design an E-services Driver and
Vehicle licensing agency

Student Name :

Alanood Alharbi

Ashwaq Alharbi

Atheer Alrasheed


Dr. Sameh Otri

Co-Supervisor :

Ms.sadaf Abbassi


Introduction ..
Problem Specification&
Goals & Objectives ..
Study Scope ..
Project Plan & Schedule ..
Organizing of This chapter ..

Background ..
Concept &definition.
Opportunity 1: Traffic Department
Opportunity 2: Police Department
Opportunity 3: Dallah Driving School
Opportunity4:Periodic Inspection for Cars-
Related Work ..
Proposed System ..

Type of Study..
Methodology ..
Study of procedure
Requirement .
Data collection.
Business ducument

Data Anlysis.
System Design Procedure ..
ER Diagram.

Introduction :
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has a long and successful record of meeting its customers‟ needs outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) by offering full services to
both drivers and vehicles. In order to keep pace with customers‟ expectations, this project is offering a comprehensive study of these services in order to offer electronically inside the KSA.

Problem Specification & Motivation:

Limited E- services in (Absher ) websites

Relying on the traditional paper-based system
The weakness of awareness of the existing electronic services
The difficulty to search for information.
This project aims to tackle all the drawbacks of the existing services and offers new services by setting up and connecting all services related to the management of traffic electronically within a single comprehensive website
Goals & Objectives
1- To prepare an electronic management

2- To convert the existing paper-based system to an internet-based electronic system

3- To save effort and time
1-To raise the citizens‟ awareness and satisfaction as a result of familiarity with the use of technology

2-To reduce the human power needed for serving customers, resulting in financial

3-To reduce the psychological stress resulting rom the large number of concerns
congestion and queues

4- To provide e-services for customer
"Absher " websites
Study Scope
Project Plan & Schedule :

The Traffic Agency System (TAS) is
a government assigned system that
is responsible of serving customers
(currently citizens and residents)
issue: need to queue to fill forms which take time , queuing at a special employee check documents, queuing at another one to stamp it, then queuing another one enter information to computer
user adaptation: consuming time and effort of employees and citizens

product opportunity:
An electronic system with interactive citizens interface to fill forms , self checking by the system and special employees to approve

Cocept & Difintion
Opportunity 1: Traffic Department
Opportunity 2: Polic Department
The issue:
here is that the distribution of the rooms in the building was untidy and there is not enough guidance.

user adaptation:
getting lost and need to ask policemen for guidance

product opportunity:
A system that clarifies the
searching process and rooms’
distbuation clearly
Oppurtunity 3: Dallah driving school
The issue : customers take long time to make the medical examination because of the huge number of people who need to set and fill their official papers then to register for a driving test.

User Adapt :
waste a lot of time waiting in the line just to get the examination results driving
product opportunity :
The opportunity is to develop a system that automatically organizes appointments for medical examinations and driving tests
Opportunity 4:
Related work

A)Services related to the driver
1)Licenses services
Extraction licenses
Replacement licenses
Renewal licenses
2)Driving Test Center (Dallah)

Issues related to the current system
the flow of the process needed
for renewal of licenses

B)Services related to the Vehicle

1)Periodic Inspection
2)Extraction or replacement of a plate Number

Electronic traffic-related services provided in the site (inside KSA) include
Services Tamm
Service (Ishaar)
Post office services

Proposed system
Proposed Theory / Framework:

system called ‘SALIK’

Aid course must be conducted before license extraction in order to increase people knowledge about what to do in case of accident .

create a new type of licenses called “provisional” like in UK.

Porposed Model System
Issue Related to Porposed System
Proposed Hypotheses

We propose new e-services and develop the current available traditional services .
Service time: 10 minutes
Performance: 100%
#of steps for finishing the process: 5 steps
Number of delivery days : 2
Percentage of trained employees: 80%

schdual and plan
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