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Rebecca's Real Estate prezi


rebecca field

on 26 January 2010

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Transcript of Rebecca's Real Estate prezi

High School plans. I am planning on taking 4 units of Spanish and/or German. One extra unit of math will make four years. 1 more unit of English. One unit of fine arts will give two units or two years. Graduation My colleges that I'd like to got to. North Carolina tuition is $4,700 Virgina University tuition is $7,235 Brigham Young 's tuition is $3,671 Housing cost $2,330 for per semester. Large complex off campus is $487. My Job Housing cost is $4,440. I think that I will be a good Real Estate agent because I'm a people person. I have a good voice to get people's attention. I always have a smile on my face and people want a Real Estate agent who is happy and good at their job. Real Estate agents make $100,000 a year. High school BYU North Carolina Virginia Univerity MY interview with Ann Lemieux

What do you enjoy about your job? "It is controlled on my own time and I love to do the match between the house and the buyer. "
Did it take you a long time to get to were you are to day? " I wouldn't say a long time. I got my license in 1993 and then started my own business in 2001."
Was it hard to get people to find you as a Realtor?" No, it was not hard to get them to find me." I want ot become a real estate agent when I'm older
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