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Copy of Gender Roles

No description

Carrie Buxton

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Gender Roles

Gender Roles Pink and Sweet Blue and Cool ` By Carrie Buxton Gender can be
understood as
the social organization
of sexual difference. How are Gender Roles Developed? Social Learning
Theory Understanding Gender Schema Theory Social Norms Cognitive
Development When are Gender Roles Adopted? 18-24 Months Sex-Stereotyped toy Selection Hormonal Influences Age 2
Interrelate specific
activities and objects with
men and women By age 4
recognize gender
specific toys and
professions Age 5
Understand behavior
and Characteristics
of both male and
females What influences shape perceptions of gender roles? Family Technology Media How might gender identity change from early childhood through adolescence? About the ages of 2 or 3
children know the
difference between
boys and girls Influences from
Friends, Teachers,
Environment Adolescents are impacted
by puberty and hormones What observable behaviors
might indicate
changes in gender identity? Parents encourage gender
specific behaviors modeling Toys selected
based on gender Most friends are
same sex Behavior towards opposite sex has changed Stereotypes from society and media Gender roles play an
important, constant
role in society
and are developed
from social, biological
and cultural influences
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